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Blessings & Spells Postcard ~ Seven Flowers Blessing Bath

Welcome to Monday and that means Blessings & Spells Postcard Day!! *yeah*
As you all know... I LOVE FLOWERS! I try and sneek them in everywhere and YES I do ALWAYS wear flowers in my hair. Here's a hint, especially if you watch my videos ~ I work with colour energies too and the colour my flower is will very rarely be a fashion statement! You can guess what is going on with my day from the colour of my flower... oh and YES I do indeed have black ones for those days where protection is needed! Of late I've been wearing Turquoise... ok over to you all ... why do you think? ;) 

If you click on the picture you will be taken to a larger version that you can print out, download and are more than welcome to share these postcards on Facebook or as you please....


Intention is EVERYTHING in Spellcasting & Blessings. 
If you are not 100% focused on your Intentions and the work you are doing to create your blessing or spell, then it will not be successful. Think clearly and FOCUS. 

Protection can be in the form you find works for you or simply by surrounding yourself with pure white light from above. 

Grounding can also be as you see fit or by visualizing yourself connected to earth and then spreading roots deep within the earth to the warm glowing core.
Bring the energy back to you and feel it beat with your intentions. REALLY focus on wht you want to happen and be positive with your energy! 

After your spellcasting, send the light back, release your attachment to the core of earth, shake, clap, yell, stamp your feet!
Come back to now and here.

I post Blessings & Spell Postcards for you to download, share & print EVERY Monday.

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx