Magical Faeryland! & Spiritual Art Adventures BEGIN!
Talisman Dedication

The Week! Faeryland, Adventure Crew you can Join and Questions!

Each Friday I present a wrap of the week. 

HELLO and Blessing of a VERY magical week.
I started with the PAN Australian Wiccan Conference end (oh i enjoyed last weekend so very much!) and I end this week with the PAN Witches Ball! 
Please check out PAN:  Pagan Awareness Network.
 Not only do they facilitate such amazing events as those mentioned, they provide support in many ways for the Pagan Community through information for the general public, keeping track of news and being a voice for the Pagan community, holding Full Moon events and as I said, being a fantastic information resource as well. Wonderful work by very organized and dedicated people. 
I am a member and proudly support their work. Membership is only $40 a year and not only includes a beautiful much loved magazine (Small Tapestry) but helps the Committee contiue their work and services. 

A Monthly Spiritual Art Project & Community Launches! 
It's Free, it's for YOU!
Spiritual Art Adventure CREW sets sail 1st October! *yeah*
Probably BEST to hear it from me here... THIS is my Magical Place in Sydney that I'm FINALLY sharing with you. I come here to dream, to sketch, to talk with nature and to just be. 
The Walker family where wealthy philanthropists of Sydney in the 1870s who created this amazing magical place on the river. Their story is one the same of any family, sadness, of great joy too and love.
There's was a life of affluence and the Estate was the center of Sydney social life for over 40 years,  but it was also a life of giving to others and of finding the magic in their surroundings. The ultimate gift was to bequeath the entire estate to everyone. 
So you may still hear the tinkling of champagne glasses from the distant past as you walk along the balustrade, but also you will feel the great love of a family so passionate about their home, their connection to community and their love of their land that they gave it to you. 
I am SO thankful for the hard and never ending work of the Heritage Committee that has ensured the restoration and preservation of the estate. 
SO WELCOME to YOUR community Art Project from a Place of Community.... Faery Wonderland!
Come in....

Sixty Second Skin Symbols
While at the Wiccan Conference Lucy Cavendish and I kicked of a little project that brings our facination with tattoos and the stories behind them. We share Sixty Seconds of their stories.
Here are the first... and there will be more I promise you! 
To keep up with videos check out
LOADS of New Videos and the archive of he old ones, oh and you can subscribe so you don't miss any!  
If you ever see one of us out and want to do a Sixty Second Skin Symbol let us know! 

You are invited....

Lucy & Serene, my gorgeous friends launch their new book "Witchy Magic" online. 
Oh please come to the party! There are so many wonderful magical people joining in and interviews and there will be prizes too! 
I'm being interviewed online at 7:30pm too... so you can say hello... love to give YOU a hug. 
Just go to the Facebook Event to join in the magic on THIS LINK
All the times and information are there ready for you now... join in! 

Flower Messages
You will also find scattered in amongst my posts and on youtube my talks with flowers! 
I'm being brave and sharing these now ;)
These will come together this weekend for those interested in their Magic, stay tuned!
Oh and for more Gardening and Growing and Collection Wisdom... hop over to my gorgeous friend the amazing Green Witch Sonya Lowe... her page, love and wisdom are my go to!

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx