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Magical Faeryland! & Spiritual Art Adventures BEGIN!

The Adventure BEGINS!

Come and join the Crew at

Hello there new friends and Spiritual Art Adventurers. 
I have had a stack of email and messages asking me... "so what's it all about?"
"When do we start?" and lol..... "When do we START!!!!!?!"

We set sail on the 1st October 2012
on this new and very exciting journey.

What Is It?
I suppose you COULD think of it as a little community. An art community where each month a project will be set and lots of resources, ideas, links, sharing and discussions will happen.
It's not just ME presenting them either! I have lots of guests lined up to share their ideas, inspirations, passions and take us on their adventures, through interviews and projects.
The focus is definitely in finding YOUR passion with an exploration of spirituality,
but it's open to all interpretations of spirituality, no matter your beliefs.

What Does It Cost?
In this club there is no registration, no costs or fees, just your commitment to show up, drop in, get a little or a lot involved in his Adventure Community.
It will be as awesome as you are willing to make it.

How Do I Join In?
 You JUST did it! This page is it! You are here, this is where it is all going to happen. No logins, no hassles, just drop in whenever you like. All the resources for each Months Adventure will be right here. You can post comments under each article/post and a Facebook Page has opened at:
CREW FACEBOOK PAGEpardon my dust while I make it pretty, but it's open!
Oh yes and SHARE the page with your friends who may be interested.

Are There Prizes? 
Why yes there ARE! OH....I'm not looking for the best art, in fact this is all about everyone joining in and enjoying being creative. I wish that the best prize you win is finding or enhancing your passion in life and your connection with what is your own unique creative voice as well as connecting with like minded friends... but YES there will be treats too! 

I'm not very good at Art/Craft and I don't know what I believe it.
No experience is necessary, just an adventurous heart.
It won't matter your faith or belief. The sprirituality side of this journey encompasses all.
We look at symbols, ideas, and abstract forms which you can evolve to personal connections and experience. 

Oh there's always rules! 
1. No advertising. Please don't do it on this page, lets keep it clean and easy for us all to see the topical conversations and content.  I do understand that we are always on the look out for products and resources though SO I will set aside a day per week where you can advertise on the Facebook Page, RELEVANT resources only. 
2. Play Nice. If you don't like it here, sail off. You are not sentenced to this voyage, you are invited. 
3. Wear a Lifejacket! Be responsible for you. I am not holding your hand on this trip, I am standing by your side. I will be presenting projects, tips, ideas and lots of feedback and community interaction. I will not be providing individual tuition. Ask questions, talk with me, I LOVE it, but be respectful of me and your shipmates too. 

Sign Me Up for the Crew! 
All you need to do is come back on Monday October 1st 2012 and jump on board. 
In the mean time, visit the Facebook Page and like it as I'll start getting that in gear and oh you can have a Crew badge! We will using this for projects later on. 

Come and join the Crew at

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx