Blessings & Spells Monday Postcard!
Blessings & Spells Postcard Monday 24th September 2012

Sister Threads ADVENTURES!

Good Morning Gorgeous Friends!
Your Postcard is a little late... ohhhh.
I'm NOT sorry :) as I had THE most wonderful weekend
at the Australian Wicca Conference 2012.
How about a VIDEO postcard this morning?
(I will STILL create your postcard later today, I promise!)

I met Spiritual Art Adventurers Mel and Jess from Sister Threads.
These two BEAUTIFUL gifted sisters create magical shawls of love
and wonderment.

Stories, feelings, ideas, poetry, are woven through each creation
by these amazingly

dedicated sisters.

I can not express my delight enough in the magic of an evening
listening to the stories of
each shawl they had
with them at the Wicca Conference. I was taken back to a time
of village life where the
creation of items of
purpose, the rugs, clothing, everyday utilitarian items are all
embedded and woven
with the histories, legends and wisdom of the people.
No item goes untouched by the
hand of the story teller.
AND look who came home with me! ... OCEAN CHILD! 
Make Monday another FAVOURITE day...
remember we are all connected by the threads

of the universe and our stories
are worth retelling through the art, the craft,
the simple things we do. A bunch of daisies,

a hand collaged card,
a beautiful lovingly created family meal.

Happiest Creative Blessings!
Cheralyn xx