Blessings & Spells Monday Postcard!

September Talisman Collection Launch ~ TODAY

Sep1Welcome to the release, launch, setting free of, presentation... the UNVEILING of my new talismans. 
 I am so excited that you have joined me today and how cool is it that we can actually do this online and anyone can come along. 
I have been creating Talismans for many years and for the past few months have been a bit quieter as I developed new techniques (stronger, sturdier creations), incorporated more natural elements, (my own pressed flowers, collected and gifted plants, collected rocks and seashells, fallen timbers and found driftwoods), and experimented with new styling... hey i'm an Artist! I do that! :)
I hope that you enjoy where this particular Art Adventure has taken me and that you find something that you love as much as I've loved creating them. 
Yes they do become my little friends while coming together in the Magic Workshop.
I get asked quiet often 'how long does it take you to create these". To paraphrase the Australian Artist Ken Done ~ 48 years, that's how long I've been on earth and what you see there is the culmination of all that time.
A straight answer? A few days to a few months. My Talismans are 3D collages. They are created in layers, each of which is hand manipulated (bent, folded, tooled), cut, smoothed, fitted, connected and then creativly worked into context.
I don't measure my love in hours or set an hourly fee on it. I'm NOT a plumber. How can I tell you what I'm worth, Art is my Passion, not my job and each creation a true reflection of my passion. My prices are pretty much reflective of the market in handmade jewellery. That I feel is fair. 

So on with the RELEASE!

I am going to showcase each and every Talisman that is available tonight on this blog. You can browse to your hearts content all day (every time you return to this blog, refresh the page to see the new pieces as I'm adding continuously).
TONIGHT at 8:00pm Sydney Australia time
I will open the doors to my ETSY SHOP where all of the Talismans listed below will be available for sale
You will need to purchase ON THE ETSY SITE. You can use Paypal or Credit Card or Direct Deposit.
(Direct Deposit ~ Australian account holders only ~ click on OTHER PAYMENT type and I will contact you)
Other than my Spell and Blessing Nooks, 99.9% of my Talismans are unique and I can not 'reproduce' them so it really is first in best dressed. 
All of my Talismans come with a little Dedication Kit to align your Intentions with you piece. This includes a written Dedication Ritual, a Charcoal block, herbs, resins and spices! 

Each Talismans arrives with a care sheet and your guarantee. I provide a one year guarantee which includes my undertaking to repair at my cost any item that is faulty, comes apart under normal wear and circumstance. I cover registered postage under this guarantee. 
Repairs: I repair items you break too! Hey it happens. There is no charge but I do ask that you pay return registered postage.
All pieces repaired are returned with a new Dedication kit free of charge.

as I said, I am continually adding more to this actual post throughout the afternoon so refresh the page on each visit.

"Blue Moon Reclaimed Talismans"

This collection is a continuation of the artwork you are all familiar with from my previous collection releases. I remodel treasures that I find into new Talismans that reflect their history while speaking new messages. 
"The Garden of Dreams"
8 x 4cm
earring of flowers c1940s set on a Bakealite buckle from a hat c1950s
 Intentions of growth, abundances, plans coming into fruition. 

"Blue Moon Magic"
10 x 6cm

featuring a section from a necklace , silver and pearl c1930s, earring c1980s, brooch c1990s
dreams realized, intentions focused

11 x 6cm
featuring marquise earring c1940s, cabinet fitting c1960s, peacock feather hat trimming c1950s


"Creative Abundance"
13 x 6cm
featuring an enamel and blue topaz earring c1950s, crystal and blue topaz earring c1980s
To see the possibilities of creative dreaming endless 

"Wild Garden Blessings"
I am particularly connected to flowers so this collection I wish to be the start of something very special. There is also my favourite plant, Ivy and other very special Wild Garden finds in this collection. Lots of Faery energy in this section. A very special EXTREMELY limited collection of Crop Circle grain Talismans are presented in this section. All of these pieces are set in fallen branches and collected driftwoods. I also have used Bach and Bush Flower Essences in the creation of these Talismans.
"Forever Grow and Be Strong"
8cm x 6cm
ivy leaf set within a gum branch piece & reclaimed ribbon

"Solar Plexus Chakra"
5 x 5.5cm
a yellow daisy set within a gum branch section
self esteem, personal power 

"The New Leaf"
3.5 x 4cm
tiny Ivy leaf set within a gum branch knot

"Circle Secrets"
5 x 6cm
featuring UK Crop Circle grains in a fallen branch knot and found feathers and brass tiny fae wings

"Orange Happiness & Blue Sky Tomorrows"
11 x 5cm
orange daisy set within a fallen gum tree branch featuring a blue crystal earring c1980s
new beginnings, positive outlooks and abundant protection


24 x 4cm (can easily be trimmed if desired)
featuring daisy set within a fallen tree branch, hand painted and dyed set silk ribbons, bird charm

"Circle Light"
5 x 6cm
featuring UK Crop Circle grains in a fallen branch knot and wings of light

"The Circle Window"
5.5 x 6m
featuring UK Crop Circle grains in a fallen branch knot, found feathers and a tiny tiny fae key

"Heart of the Forest, Love of the Sea"
9 x 6cm
featuring ivy set in driftwood found at Avalon, heart pendant (can be inscribed)  c1980s
Gaia connections between sea & land "

10 x 6cm
featuring a red daisy within a fallen gum branch and found feathers 
fortitude, power, revitalized health, strength

"Flower Heart" 12 x 6cm
pink daisy set in gum branch & featuring earring c1980s set with Amethyst 
the healing heart, love renewed, love set free, a new chapter

"Happiness Each Day"
8 x 4cm featuring a white daisy set in gum branch
Simple joy and lightness of being. Present and clear understandings. 

5.5 x 5cm
calming cornflower blue daisy set in fallen gum branch
simple calm... simple breathing.... a look within... speak inner truth with renewed insights

10.5 x 5cm
featuring a purple daisy set in a gum branch and dragonfly earring c1990s set with crystals and a cut crystal pendant c1980s
To see, to understand, to illuminate" 

"Prosperity & Growth"
12 x 5cm
Ivy leaf set in fallen gum branch and earring c1980s

"Faery Happiness Magic"
10 x 6cm
featuring a white daisy set in a fallen gum branch and a gorgeous faery earring
the happiness of the fae be upon you each day 

"Crystal Songs"
a happy little question answered! 
Featuring Singing Crystals from the UK, a miniture Mexican flower, charms and hand painted silks.
I am loving these cuties and the OM energy they emit. These Talismans feature my favourite Mermaid's Garden Essence "Alchemy" in each tiny treasure vessle. 

"Love Songs"
size excluding ribbons 5 x 2cm
a glass reclaimed vessel featuring 3 singing crystals, a dried Mexican miniture daisy, Alchemy essence from Mermaids Garden and hand dyed and painted silk ribbons by Cheralyn and a bird charm 

"Earth Gifts"
I have a strong affinity with Sydney Sandstone and have wondered long and hard about how to create Talismans from it. Yes I worked it all out for us! These feature charms embedded in sandstone, then set into collected carved falled branches and driftwoods. 
"The Gaia Keeper"
11 x 4cm
Sydney Sandstone embedded with a charm then set within a piece of fallen gum branch.
She enchances connections with Gaia

"Third Eye Insights"
11 x 6cm
featuring Sydney Sandstone set with charm within a piece of driftwood collected from Avalon and a crystal earring c1980s
clear vision & insights, removal of barriers  

"Gifts of  Sight & Knowledge"
10 x 6cm Sydney sandsone set with charms and embedded in driftwood collected from Avalon
To see in with new understanding and insights. Clarity, integrity and wisdom.

"Spell Nooks" 
A little branch nook from fallen timber collected in a Sydney forest that is part of Garigal. This is filled with herbs, plant resins, crystals, treasures, plants, flowers that come from a hand crafted Spell created for you by Cheralyn. Half of the spell is contained in your Nook to keep and wear or hang where you please and the other half of the spell is provided to you in a little kit with a Dedication and written Spell for you to preform your own ritual and Spellcasting. 
Created in various styles including plain & winged. 

"Blessing Nooks"
Similar  in style to Spell Nooks, but come on their own and feature a handwritten written Blessing on the back. Each is filled with herbs, crystals, flowers, text and treasures that are reflective of the blessings that they embody. These are perfect gifts! Available plain and winged

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx