Good Night! Monday 24th September
Inspirit Magazine article


Good Morning Adventurers!
Have a wonderful day and take a moment
today to enjoy the freedoms
and progresses that those who have spoken out
have afforded your world.

They have done so in words, in just their presence,
in sharing through deed and action quietly, to make
a difference because they believe, because they are
willing to stand up and stand by their passion.

Telling the story through art of these people,
"Art & About" in Sydney brings this amazing work
by Craig Walsh to life! Oh trees coming to life as people
...magic and creative on every level...
you have TWO weeks Sydneysiders to see it and those
going to the Sydney Witches Ball, I believe we are pretty close,
so a wander over would be VERY worthwhile.


Thank you Craig Walsh, and thank you those of you who speak
of the ways we dream as hard or impossible and inspire us to

Have a Blessed day xxxxxx
EMERGENCE, Craig Walsh
Hyde Park South, Sydney,  Australia
evenings 21/09/2012 - 05/10/2012   FREE