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September 2012

Talisman Dedication

Good Morning! 
I was so blessed to have been invited by the Pagan Awareness Network 
to present a Workshop at last weekends Australian Wiccan Conference! 
I adore sharing what I do so very much and what an amazing fun time I had meeting
everyone and creating together in what was our little village.
I have a few videos coming soon! Stay tuned :)
Oh and here's a Dedication Ritual that you can use on any Talisman you create or one you have already.

Happiest Creative Blessings,
Cheralyn xx 

The Week! Faeryland, Adventure Crew you can Join and Questions!

Each Friday I present a wrap of the week. 

HELLO and Blessing of a VERY magical week.
I started with the PAN Australian Wiccan Conference end (oh i enjoyed last weekend so very much!) and I end this week with the PAN Witches Ball! 
Please check out PAN:  Pagan Awareness Network.
 Not only do they facilitate such amazing events as those mentioned, they provide support in many ways for the Pagan Community through information for the general public, keeping track of news and being a voice for the Pagan community, holding Full Moon events and as I said, being a fantastic information resource as well. Wonderful work by very organized and dedicated people. 
I am a member and proudly support their work. Membership is only $40 a year and not only includes a beautiful much loved magazine (Small Tapestry) but helps the Committee contiue their work and services. 

A Monthly Spiritual Art Project & Community Launches! 
It's Free, it's for YOU!
Spiritual Art Adventure CREW sets sail 1st October! *yeah*
Probably BEST to hear it from me here... THIS is my Magical Place in Sydney that I'm FINALLY sharing with you. I come here to dream, to sketch, to talk with nature and to just be. 
The Walker family where wealthy philanthropists of Sydney in the 1870s who created this amazing magical place on the river. Their story is one the same of any family, sadness, of great joy too and love.
There's was a life of affluence and the Estate was the center of Sydney social life for over 40 years,  but it was also a life of giving to others and of finding the magic in their surroundings. The ultimate gift was to bequeath the entire estate to everyone. 
So you may still hear the tinkling of champagne glasses from the distant past as you walk along the balustrade, but also you will feel the great love of a family so passionate about their home, their connection to community and their love of their land that they gave it to you. 
I am SO thankful for the hard and never ending work of the Heritage Committee that has ensured the restoration and preservation of the estate. 
SO WELCOME to YOUR community Art Project from a Place of Community.... Faery Wonderland!
Come in....

Sixty Second Skin Symbols
While at the Wiccan Conference Lucy Cavendish and I kicked of a little project that brings our facination with tattoos and the stories behind them. We share Sixty Seconds of their stories.
Here are the first... and there will be more I promise you! 
To keep up with videos check out
LOADS of New Videos and the archive of he old ones, oh and you can subscribe so you don't miss any!  
If you ever see one of us out and want to do a Sixty Second Skin Symbol let us know! 

You are invited....

Lucy & Serene, my gorgeous friends launch their new book "Witchy Magic" online. 
Oh please come to the party! There are so many wonderful magical people joining in and interviews and there will be prizes too! 
I'm being interviewed online at 7:30pm too... so you can say hello... love to give YOU a hug. 
Just go to the Facebook Event to join in the magic on THIS LINK
All the times and information are there ready for you now... join in! 

Flower Messages
You will also find scattered in amongst my posts and on youtube my talks with flowers! 
I'm being brave and sharing these now ;)
These will come together this weekend for those interested in their Magic, stay tuned!
Oh and for more Gardening and Growing and Collection Wisdom... hop over to my gorgeous friend the amazing Green Witch Sonya Lowe... her page, love and wisdom are my go to!

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx 


The Adventure BEGINS!

Come and join the Crew at

Hello there new friends and Spiritual Art Adventurers. 
I have had a stack of email and messages asking me... "so what's it all about?"
"When do we start?" and lol..... "When do we START!!!!!?!"

We set sail on the 1st October 2012
on this new and very exciting journey.

What Is It?
I suppose you COULD think of it as a little community. An art community where each month a project will be set and lots of resources, ideas, links, sharing and discussions will happen.
It's not just ME presenting them either! I have lots of guests lined up to share their ideas, inspirations, passions and take us on their adventures, through interviews and projects.
The focus is definitely in finding YOUR passion with an exploration of spirituality,
but it's open to all interpretations of spirituality, no matter your beliefs.

What Does It Cost?
In this club there is no registration, no costs or fees, just your commitment to show up, drop in, get a little or a lot involved in his Adventure Community.
It will be as awesome as you are willing to make it.

How Do I Join In?
 You JUST did it! This page is it! You are here, this is where it is all going to happen. No logins, no hassles, just drop in whenever you like. All the resources for each Months Adventure will be right here. You can post comments under each article/post and a Facebook Page has opened at:
CREW FACEBOOK PAGEpardon my dust while I make it pretty, but it's open!
Oh yes and SHARE the page with your friends who may be interested.

Are There Prizes? 
Why yes there ARE! OH....I'm not looking for the best art, in fact this is all about everyone joining in and enjoying being creative. I wish that the best prize you win is finding or enhancing your passion in life and your connection with what is your own unique creative voice as well as connecting with like minded friends... but YES there will be treats too! 

I'm not very good at Art/Craft and I don't know what I believe it.
No experience is necessary, just an adventurous heart.
It won't matter your faith or belief. The sprirituality side of this journey encompasses all.
We look at symbols, ideas, and abstract forms which you can evolve to personal connections and experience. 

Oh there's always rules! 
1. No advertising. Please don't do it on this page, lets keep it clean and easy for us all to see the topical conversations and content.  I do understand that we are always on the look out for products and resources though SO I will set aside a day per week where you can advertise on the Facebook Page, RELEVANT resources only. 
2. Play Nice. If you don't like it here, sail off. You are not sentenced to this voyage, you are invited. 
3. Wear a Lifejacket! Be responsible for you. I am not holding your hand on this trip, I am standing by your side. I will be presenting projects, tips, ideas and lots of feedback and community interaction. I will not be providing individual tuition. Ask questions, talk with me, I LOVE it, but be respectful of me and your shipmates too. 

Sign Me Up for the Crew! 
All you need to do is come back on Monday October 1st 2012 and jump on board. 
In the mean time, visit the Facebook Page and like it as I'll start getting that in gear and oh you can have a Crew badge! We will using this for projects later on. 

Come and join the Crew at

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx

Inspirit Magazine article

Oh YEAH! My new article is OUT NOW in the latest issue of Inspirit Magazine.... 


Have you read Cheralyn Darcey's article 'Magical Talisman Creation' in our latest edition of inSpirit Magazine? Cheralyn invites you to tap into the creative magic of your soul as she shares and guides you through insights and the understanding of creating Talismans and Amulets, so you too can embrace the purposeful and inSpiring process that is a cherished part of her enchanting world!




Good Morning Adventurers!
Have a wonderful day and take a moment
today to enjoy the freedoms
and progresses that those who have spoken out
have afforded your world.

They have done so in words, in just their presence,
in sharing through deed and action quietly, to make
a difference because they believe, because they are
willing to stand up and stand by their passion.

Telling the story through art of these people,
"Art & About" in Sydney brings this amazing work
by Craig Walsh to life! Oh trees coming to life as people
...magic and creative on every level...
you have TWO weeks Sydneysiders to see it and those
going to the Sydney Witches Ball, I believe we are pretty close,
so a wander over would be VERY worthwhile.


Thank you Craig Walsh, and thank you those of you who speak
of the ways we dream as hard or impossible and inspire us to

Have a Blessed day xxxxxx
EMERGENCE, Craig Walsh
Hyde Park South, Sydney,  Australia
evenings 21/09/2012 - 05/10/2012   FREE


Blessings & Spells Postcard Monday 24th September 2012

Ohhh a little late! :) 
As you probably know or can see from my photos, I work very closely with Flower Energy. I have a wonderful relationship with a Goddess and another Lady, whom I'm unsure of origin still, of the Flowers.
I've just spent a wonderful Ostara Weekend at the Australian Wiccan Conference and had new wondrous connections with my flower friends, well of course!
SO this week, a Flower Spell!
This is actually one of my favourites to share :)

Click for full sized image to download 

White daisies

For this spell you will need to first protect and ground yourself, as with ALL spell work..
Protection can be in the form you find works for you or simply by surrounding yourself with pure white light from above. 
Grounding can also be as you see fit or by visualizing yourself connected to earth and then spreading roots deep within the earth to the warm glowing core.
Bring the energy back to you and feel it beat with your intentions. REALLY focus on wht you want to happen and be positive with your energy! 
After your spellcasting, send the light back, release your attachment to the core of earth, shake, clap, yell, stamp your feet!
Come back to now and here.


Sister Threads ADVENTURES!

Good Morning Gorgeous Friends!
Your Postcard is a little late... ohhhh.
I'm NOT sorry :) as I had THE most wonderful weekend
at the Australian Wicca Conference 2012.
How about a VIDEO postcard this morning?
(I will STILL create your postcard later today, I promise!)

I met Spiritual Art Adventurers Mel and Jess from Sister Threads.
These two BEAUTIFUL gifted sisters create magical shawls of love
and wonderment.

Stories, feelings, ideas, poetry, are woven through each creation
by these amazingly

dedicated sisters.

I can not express my delight enough in the magic of an evening
listening to the stories of
each shawl they had
with them at the Wicca Conference. I was taken back to a time
of village life where the
creation of items of
purpose, the rugs, clothing, everyday utilitarian items are all
embedded and woven
with the histories, legends and wisdom of the people.
No item goes untouched by the
hand of the story teller.
AND look who came home with me! ... OCEAN CHILD! 
Make Monday another FAVOURITE day...
remember we are all connected by the threads

of the universe and our stories
are worth retelling through the art, the craft,
the simple things we do. A bunch of daisies,

a hand collaged card,
a beautiful lovingly created family meal.

Happiest Creative Blessings!
Cheralyn xx


Blessings & Spells Monday Postcard!

Good Morning! 
Thank you to all of you who visited my new Talisman Release last night.... I WILL answer all of the lovely emails and messages later today.
Really fun night and I had a dreamy sleepy time drifting off reading them. 
I have restocked the shop and you can visit at any time
OK it's Monday morning and that means... POSTCARD TIME! 
Today I have a little exercise for you on your postcard.... it's a great mediation to find symbols. 
LOVE to see what you come up with too!! :) 
As always it's fine to share, download and print out your Postcards. 
You can click on the image below for a full sized version. 
You can find the link for all the past Monday Blessings & Spell Postcards HERE
On request...I will be reformatting them later this week so they are all the same size for you too!
Oh the painting is one by me "Pond Force" I had a period of lots of fish symbols coming to me a while ago. 

Happiest Creative Blessings,
Cheralyn xx