Imramma 2013!

Though I've traveled overseas and lived in the USA,
I've never done so without family and never been to Europe.

I have been VERY VERY hard at work to make this happen.

Getting a day job and juggling a lot of things.

Today I'm booked in for next year..... :) HAPPY!
PS... side trip to London for an Creative Expedition is already on the list.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Good Work(s)

Aug 31
Good Work(s) wrap bracelets. I am in LOVE with everything about these funky, gorgeous and worthy cause assisting rock chick items! As a dedicated cuff wearer these took my eye in a flash, well actually my one is a gift....
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Negative People & Judgemental Criticism!

Sep 1
WHAT DO YOU DO?! Like everyone I experience it and if you are an artist or have anything in the public domain at all, then your pile of both positive reviews and negative reviews and 'attacks' grows too. STRAIGHT UP......