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Creative Voice ~ A Sense of PLACE

THANK YOU! I am thrilled to welcome so many new friends this week
and YES I will be posting some TIPS on how YOU can develop your personal creative voice over the next few weeks

Sedona_Thursday-247x343HERE's ONE... A Sense of PLACE
I think this works well as a lot of your asked me about Sedona
after seeing my painting in my last Blog Post
My first journey to Sedona was about 15 years ago now and while living in the USA, I was called back many times.
If you are REALLY interested in Sedona, Journeys, Meditation and finding a sense of place on earth then I'd recommend "The Call of Sedona" This book by Ilchi Lee is wonderful, for all those who have been, are hearing the heartbeat or those who simply wonder. (more information about the book)

From my first journey to what remained in my heart, my personal experience changed everything about the way I live & create. I was asked to go that first time by an American friend and to this day know I came home. Never in a million years could I have envisioned living in America and so being able to return whenever I pleased and I realise now that the circumstances that lead to me being there for that length of time where part of my first visit. I was drawn back, brought home to learn and to connect. The personal change in me was seen by some as "American Moxie rubbing off" :) But I know I had found where I was from and I could hear the new pulse within me.
Ok so does that mean you create things that are Native American?
NO! Well sometimes. Actually I'd say my artwork is more directly inspired by Mexico, I did live in San Diego and spent every OTHER spare moment travelling Mexico.
The feeling of, I'm here was strong. In reality I know so many of you have already connected with place without ever going there. I wasn't so spiritually developed at the time. Oh I THOUGHT I was! So it was a big cosmic KAPOW that knocked the ego and crap out of me that first visit.
Artistically, it calmed me, it cleared my vision and made me love.
So if you are called to Ireland, ok you MAY wish to carve dragons and castles for evermore but perhaps not! 

S45Why Finding Place is important.
Finding home is what some call it. You may in fact be a transcended celestial being of light. AWESOME! But you WHERE born of this earth now and I'm guessing many other lifetimes and one of those, in fact the very first earth birth you experienced, is your Place. Your roots, your connection with Gaia. 
Finding THAT place, I have noticed IS usually one of these mystical, awesome places. I know, I can hear the cynics saying, "Oh yeah like EVERYONE was born at Stonehenge" yeah maybe! I mean there weren't many of us back then was there! 
Creativity IS connected with place. We find out deepest connection with Gaia and we are at peace.  I am sure you have heard the saying, "To create is to be human" and thoughts along those lines. We are born of earth, we create with it while being enlightened by the stars! We start here though.
We can go to our Place or back there anytime time we choose through meditation or simple remembering and we feel our original callings. 
It's not really about finding the artist, it's about finding YOU. It's a whole lot easier to create with your authentic voice once you know where you are from, connected to and to be able to work with her rhythms.

300px-Bodiam-castle-10My8-1197I can never hope to go to my Place

You know what? I NEEDED to go because I was so entrapped and covered in cosmic crap that unless I was dragged out into the desert by an enlightened friend, I would never of heard the heartbeat of my place calling me! 
You don't need to go. You just need to listen and connect. But magical things happen and you will find doors opening to physical journeys once you do.

How do I find it?

IMG_2438Ok as you can see I'm not the best at being an example of an enlightened being, but I'l share what I have noticed in others with strong connections before going to their Place. 
Meditate! Daydream, record night dreams. What culture are you drawn to? What makes your heart sing? 
You will start to get a pretty good idea of where and after more work will hone it down to a more precise location. 
Collect pictures from old magazines of what you like without too much thought. Write down the type of books and stories you like. The food that you are more drawn to, the people, clothing, seasons, landscape. Patterns will emerge for we are all carrying within us the sense of Place. 
Remeber that amazing first holiday you ever had? That awakening to fun, relaxation, adventure? I bet wherever that was can instantly inspire in you a feeling of happiness. It's a bit the same with your Place but a zillion times more intense. 

OK Got it! Now what?
For me, I close my eyes and I meditate. Sometimes for a long time, but often a minute or two.
Don;t stress out over this part. EVERYONE DAYDREAMS! Well not if I am yelling at them, but come on, close your eyes and imagine your Place. No you don't have to be the guru of visualization, just think.
I feel here warm breezes and I know the smell of her earth. In a instant I can recall those elements and I'm there. I am there each time I create, I am there in times I need strength personally and I am there to just be there. 
I may be all the way in Australia, but that red earth and blue sky embraces me. It's probably why I'm in Australia this time round. I think I needed to come a little bit closer to centre. 
My creative voice is stronger and surer now I am GROUNDED. I am not flitting around wondering. I have purpose. I can paint but I am called to do other things. I am not frustrated at apparent failures because I know it's all part of the journey. 
As my connection to Sedona grew stronger over the years, amazing personal experiences followed that I'm still working on. Doubt left me and a lightness of heart and an amazing tenacity in not only creativity but everything in this life was ignited. 

Ground to HERE and Now
Exercise: Ground to here! This is where you are now. Grab a journal, a sketch book, a camera and record here. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The more you know about here and your personal emotional connections and experiences to HERE the easier it is he find your Place. Hey it may be here! *Do you like Pina Coladas... and getting caught in the rain....* 
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your experiences!

Sharing Time
Because I've seen this happen before, you are MORE than welcome to share your stories here, ask for help on WHERE YOUR PLACE is.
You are more than welcome to post here with your thoughts and experiences in finding Place.
I might not know but someone else might. But I will say this, YOU WILL KNOW once you find it and if you are offering your opinion to someone else PLEASE be respectful. No insisting you know better than others or especially the person! 
Play nice and share.... you can link to photos if it helps share....

Now find your place and start finding your voice! 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx