Blue Moon Spell ~ Spiritual Art Adventure Postcard

This mornings' arty spell WAS popular... so as requested a Blue Moon Spell.

The Blue Moon brings us a wonderful opportunity to set new goals/reset and strengthen existing ones. It is also a great time to deepen psychic connections and gifts. 

Find yourself a nice spot outside under the glorious blue moon or if that is impossible at the very least have her sighted through a window.
For this spell you will need to first protect and ground yourself, as with ALL spell work.
Protection can be in the form you find works for you or simply by surrounding yourself with pure white light from above. 
Grounding can also be as you see fit or by visualizing yourself connected to earth and then spreading roots deep within the earth to the warm glowing core.
Bring the energy back to you and feel it beat with your intentions. 
After your spellcasting, send the light back, release your attachment to the core of earth, shake, clap, yell, stamp your feet!
Come back to now and here. 

*You can also light a white candle before all the candles burn out by touching it on the flame of each. Blow it out and carefully put away in a cloth.
Repeat this spell each full moon relighting the new candles from this candle. Bringing the energy and spellworking power into each cycle to keep your goal on track and strong. 


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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