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June 2012

Talisman Collection Release THIS SUNDAY 22nd June 2012

S1I have been a busy bee in the Magic Workshop these past few months and have a wondrous collection to release THIS coming Sunday evening at this Facebook Event

Cheralyn Darcey Solstice Talismans

 Prices begin at $59 and sale starts at 7:30pm Sydney Australia time on above link. 
You WILL need to join the event to attend.

Not ONLY are these being Blessed at my beloved Bush Altar during Solstice, They began their entire journey during the Transit of Venus. 
Out with the old, begone the past, reflections observed lessons learned, and now the Sun returns to us!
A collection of Talismans created with Love and Blessings from Found Treasures. 
The Release of this collection will be Online here at this event page, so you will need to join in order to see them. 
Prices start at $59 and Paypal and Direct Deposit is accepted.
Layby on pieces is available, no need to ask, minimum payment will be $50 per week. 
7:30pm Sydney Australia Time 

There will be many different syles and sizes released and I'm excited to share the inspirations
I've had over this time. 

DETAILS for featured Talisman: 
‎"Here Comes the Sun Talisman" 
11 x 5.5cm

features sterling and sapphire bracelet elements C1950s, watch face C1970s, Crystal pendant slide c1980s, jewellery box molding c1960s.

the dark to the light
moving on and up
opening to the new light
spreading wings
entwining possibilities

YES this is Sneeky Peek number one! Available here this Sunday evening xx

All can either be collected in Sydney by arrangement OR posted. I ONLY use registered post and am happy to send Express. 

Cheralyn xx  

ONLINE Magical Mermaid Creative Witchery COURSE with Gem Green~Sweedman




Gem Green~Sweedman
 featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum
BEGINS 19th August 2012 


Gem1-274x397Dig your toes into the sand, allow the waves to caress your feet,
breathe in deep the sweet ocean scent as the 
winds sweep past you, around you, through you &
I shall share my magic, my knowledge, myself as I take you on 
a six week journey of discovery, a practical yet magical journey
into the realms of the ocean where you will learn
*The Oceans Ways
*Magical Mermaids
*Sea Gods & Goddess’s
*Sea Creatures
*How to Create An Ocean Connection 
Piece ~ You get to choose to create a 
magical ocean & mermaid inspired 
necklace or room talisman (hanging)!
*Ocean Magic

& so much more as we explore the 
watery realms & lift the lid on a 
treasure chest of ocean magic!












Time Stands Still

long drive to somewhere different... time to think.
Lost in infinite possibilities
The ribbons of ideas that tugged me in daylight
Send me unraveling their beginnings
Time Stands Still 

ONE DAY, I'll have story to rival J.K. Rowling... *chuckle* one day....
but tonight I dream, I sketch, I create in what very well might be the most inspiring place ever!