Tarot Reading!

I have avoided doing this but THE new deck arrived yesterday and while talking with a friend and shuffling it, the cards coming up where tempting me in... so here goes. 
For some weird reason I DID do the Celtic Cross, something I never use. Why? Have no idea, just did it without thinking.
For my closest friends and those among you who read... YES you have to laugh and shhhhhhhhhhhh I KNOW I say the cards never lie! Bloody cards! 

The Deck" The Steampunk Tarot" by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell... just out!

If you can't see the details:...

Heart of the Matter: 10 pentacles... ta dah!
What Covers: Judgement... *doh!*
Below: Page Swords.... I should of thought as much
Before: Knight Cups... check
Ahead: Page Cups.... aweeeeeeee :)
Crowns: The Tower... ROFL
Worries: The Devil... mmmmm?
Others: Temperance... really? lol 
Your  Hopes/Fears: Ace Pentacles... well that's about the sum of everything!
The Future: King of Swords.... *chuckle*


Oh and I ADORE the manual and interpretations that Barbara Moore has provided in her deck, really really aligned more with her insights. The artwork is phenomenal, it's by Aly Fell. 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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