Dawn Paintings
new job.. i hope!

Tarot Reading!

I have avoided doing this but THE new deck arrived yesterday and while talking with a friend and shuffling it, the cards coming up where tempting me in... so here goes. 
For some weird reason I DID do the Celtic Cross, something I never use. Why? Have no idea, just did it without thinking.
For my closest friends and those among you who read... YES you have to laugh and shhhhhhhhhhhh I KNOW I say the cards never lie! Bloody cards! 

The Deck" The Steampunk Tarot" by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell... just out!

If you can't see the details:...

Heart of the Matter: 10 pentacles... ta dah!
What Covers: Judgement... *doh!*
Below: Page Swords.... I should of thought as much
Before: Knight Cups... check
Ahead: Page Cups.... aweeeeeeee :)
Crowns: The Tower... ROFL
Worries: The Devil... mmmmm?
Others: Temperance... really? lol 
Your  Hopes/Fears: Ace Pentacles... well that's about the sum of everything!
The Future: King of Swords.... *chuckle*


Oh and I ADORE the manual and interpretations that Barbara Moore has provided in her deck, really really aligned more with her insights. The artwork is phenomenal, it's by Aly Fell.