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Sunday 12th... nice day :)

Talismans of the Super Moon & LoVe

I know I've been a VERY slack blogger of late. Facebook makes it too easy doesn't it? 
Then I realized that actually the world doesn't spin on an access around Facebook and  I missed my blog!!!!
Hang on, not best time to add 'another thing' to my toppling pile of 'things' but I do want to touch base and get back in here. :)
Amazing week of energies due to that Super Moon. Not good or bad, just very SUPER. I was born on a New Moon so my opposite pulling energy is a Full Moon and that makes a challenging time. It's interesting to look up your Moon Phase. This is the phase the moon was in at the time of your birth. You can do this online for free by googling "lunar phase birth chart" and this book is a really great resource for meanings and keys....

Moon Phase Astrology: The Lunar Key to Your Destiny
Raven Kalder







Over at Creative Witchery our classes have been really busy! I have had this little dream for a very long time and it's finally happening... being able to teach anyone, anywhere is such a blessing and having the Cw1amazing talents and love on board of Lucy Cavendish, Trish Anderson-Young, Natasha Heard and Sonya Lowe has been so exciting. All of these teachers live in different parts of Australia and are still able to share their knowledge and passions with people from as far away as Alaska! I love the energy of it all. At present Lucy is in Japan and it is with much joy that we still can connect with her in the class forum as the classes are presented.
Our new round of classes is coming soon.  

 If a Paypal link is active there is a space available in class! 

Very exciting month creating Talismans and Sunday saw another really blessed Sale. I find it hard sometimes to even let them go but to hear the stories of their journeys really makes my heart sing. 

Il_570xN.334686992BUT then I'm pretty much in Love with life at present, capital L.....
so not much can ruffle the feathers. College is pretty difficult and I'm coping, lol yeah getting by.
Looking forward actually to the inclusion of more of the subjects I'm passionate about than those hard Scienceones... *sigh* YES I KNOW we have to do them :) 

Sooooo some Talismans!
If you are not a Facebook person then you can always check out available work on my etsy site 










and a song for THIS week....
well you know I do LOVE him... this is Perfect... xx