new job.. i hope!

Spent the afternoon in the warmth and gentle rocking of a country train.
There's a lot going on and life has gotten crazy the past year or so and to be forced to sit, to listen to others and to talk with people around me who I never would of probably ever met has been an amazing blessings.
The hills roll by, the sun reaches down to touch them and it feels like nothing else matters but to just be.
I meditate most days and still that is something I do and can control,can start and stop at will and circumstance. This is a forced stillness, a slowing down that has washed the grit of everyday and worries away.
It's ok to just be.
A weekend of Art, inspiration, of girl talk of walks and time to think.
There will be laughter and there will be silliness but I go with a full heart now and knowing that everything REALLY does turn out in the end :) xxxxxxxxx
Ps YES this does mean an exhibition is brewing!