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with Lucy Cavendish
"An Introduction to Natural Magic and Witchcraft"
                  featuring keys to online classroom, videos, audio, notes, photos & forum with Lucy

                                               BEGINS:16th sEPTEMBER 2012
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                                                         6 week interactive online course: $75 

If you have been searching for a path that is grounded, transformative, powerful and inspirational, you may be seeking the path of Casting_circle_pic-232x359Magic and Witchcraft. In this 
online course from author Lucy Cavendish, you will learn to work with the practical skills of natural magic and the cycles of nature in ways that are positive, empowering, and for the highest good of all.

Since time began, mystics have studied and worked with the power of natural energies. Today, magical practices like witchcraft are being rebirthed for modern lives. Sharing the techniques, respect and lessons inherent in magic and witchcraft helps us all create a better world. Practicing magic and walking the witches way can assist in relationships, aligning you with your purpose, giveing you the tools to manifest satisfaction and fulfilment, understand and connect with the cycles of natural energy and offers a proven and ages old series of skills and ways of experiencing the world that can lead to a meaningful relationship with the divine, and to yourself.

This six-week course contains clear magical lessons inherent to witchcraft each week that share positive holistic practices that have an impact on spiritual growth, and our daily life. This course will teach you how to work with moon cycles, Goddesses and Gods, the elemental realms, and will clarify and strengthen your own personal magical talents and skills. By practising magic and natural witchcraft, you can create and sustain a life full of meaning, purposeful manifestation, self-love, and soul-opportunity.


*Understand the ancient roots of the white magical path

*Optimise your relationship with the elements

*Lunar phases, and their profound impact on clearing and manifestation

*Synch into divine timing with the energy cycles and holy days of our Universe and Planet

* Be supported by inspirational and protective deities

*How to create sacred space both within you, and in the world around you

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