Sunday 12th... nice day :)
Dawn Paintings

OK so What day is it? Canberra, SciFi books & Talismans

HELLO... :) I am AWFUL with dates, times, years! 
Yesterdays date mix up brought me a mailbag of "are u oks?" :) I should just say I was TESTING you all!

I used to think it was because I was forgetful or I had some weird thing that blocked that part of my brain. Oh I'm not late for things but time is something that just isn't regular to me.
Remembering things is easy but not putting them in chronological sequence. THAT is hard.
I do love the concept of time being circular, not linear, that explains so much!
Once a very good friend exclaimed that she never thought iIwas forgetful as in her opinion I was probably just a time traveller and had slipped up a bit... lol nice image.
Too often we do get caught up in the reasons why and analyse the crap out of situations when in fact, the easiest explanation, or none at all is probably not only better but really makes more sense.
We can't be perfect, know everything, be everything. BUT we can be happy while going about it all.
Though I do get time mixed up... I'm rarely late and I get a lot done. :) 

SALE of TALISMAN ~Peace, Love & Peonie

PeonieIINTENTION: Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.
SIZE: 6.5 x 12cm 
MATERIALS: featuring a silver brooch c1940s, bronze and glass earring c1980s
All Talismans are blessed and consecrated, as always they feature treasures and finds and are 100% unique and one of a kind. They all come with ritual and spell for you to align with




CANBERRA!!!!! brrrrrrrr brrrrrr
I am blessed with two weeks holiday from College at present and though I was looking forward to a 'holiday' I have found I'm using the extra time to sort lots of things out... oh yes life included. 

I'm off on an adventure to Canberra for a few days later this week... Suggestions?! 
My main motivation already is the Art Gallery and I'm doing a bit of research at the National Library... but any Creative WITCHERY suggestions most welcome. 
It's also headspace time as I make a few important decisions and work out directions. 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!
Good Show Sir  ~
Can seem a little strange at first BUT let me explain a tiny bit... I grew up with these pulp SciFi books so it's an easy thing to love... The covers of these books often where VERY strange and sometimes had nothing at all to even do with the stories within.  ANYWAY this blog posts book covers that people find and then contributors post the art direction that may of been behind the covers... VERY VERY funny. 
I have to say that I also love seeing the odd book pop up that I recognize :)

Ok so you are getting cold and have snagged your talisman on a cardi or jumper and the jump ring has pulled apart! YIKES! First of all there's NOTHING 'bad' or negative about it. If anything, a release of the unwanted. Freedom of something constraining you. Just as shuffling a deck of Tarot cards and one negative card jumping out does not mean INSTANT doom, rather a message to take notice and be mindful, so it is with little Talisman mishaps. A Talisman coming off it's chain sometimes just means he's been tugged around a bit too much or it's a message to slow down, take a little more care or as I mentioned, it's a release. 
SO to fix! ANd yes! perfectly ok to do so. 
And yes YOU can do it.....

For repair of jump rings..... 

MATERIALS: Jump ring, supa glue & a pair of small pliers.
There are two types as you may of noticed! jump rings and split rings. I use both as I find the larger split rings look like key rings and I don;t like that, but it;s your choice. 

The problem with plain jump rings is that they can come apart easily. I add a dab of our E6000 to the join and find it works wonders! You can also use Super Glue for this purpose. 
This is how you will be attaching your bails to your pendants, usually your wings and any dangling bits

1. Grip the jump ring on each side of the opening using pliers - either two pairs of flat-nosed, or one flat-nosed and one round-nosed pair.

2. To open the jump ring, bring one pair of pliers towards you, opening the jump ring like a door rather than pulling it apart.

3. Slide your component onto the ring, then reverse the action of your pliers to bring the ends neatly back together.

I like to put a little dab of supaglue into the connection for added security.

TIP: When opening jump rings ensure you pull each side away from each other, towards you and away from you. Do not open them by forcing apart like goal bars! This will weaken and distort the jump ring.