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with Sonya Lowe
featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum
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Green Witches Garden & Herb Crafting
Come and join Sonya for 6 weeks of Garden and Herb Crafting magic.

From potted window boxes to country gardens, Sonya will show you how!

Course outline:


* Deciding & establishing a plan for the type of Garden to suit your desires
* From a single pot plant to planning a large Garden
* What do you want from your Garden? Magical, Medicinal & Culinary or all of the Above
* Preparing the Garden, Getting to know your Space and your Tools
* Establishing the Directions..North, South, East & West
* Herbs and their Directional Correspondences
* Introduction to Wildcrafting - Plant material, Rocks & Sticks - Sticky-beaking - Being Eco-Friendly & Aware
* Recycling! Start Collecting
* Keeping a Green Journal
* Herb resources - Dried and Plants

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Annointing Oil for Blessing Tools
                            Garden/Wildcrafting Offerings


* Communicating with your Land - A Meditation Practice
* Soil & Water - Infusing & Using Crystals, Blessed Water, Sun, Moon & Elements
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 1
* Plant Safety - Kids & Pets
* Moon Gardening Basics
* Taking Cuttings & getting them Started
* Seed resources - Where to get them & What to look for!

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Preparations - Making an Infusion
                            Sacred Herbal Water


* Attracting Bees, Bugs & Wildlife to your Sacred Space
* Flowers & their Special Place in the Garden
* The Language of Flowers
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 2
* Flower Communication - A Practice
* Planting Seeds
* Making a Flower Press & Pressing Flowers and Herbs
* Planting into the Earth

Two recipes/Activities: Natural Cleaners for Everyday use & Cleansing & Purifying Indoor Space
                            Eco-friendly Spray and Fertilizer for Outdoors


* Inviting Garden Visitors through Light & Sound
* Tree Communication - With a Practice
* Tree Correspondences
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 3
* Incense Blends - Different Types
* Making Incense Blends & Blending Techniques
* Using your Herbal Incense & Tools

Two Recipes/Activities: Making Herbal Bath Bags for Relaxation, Magic and Ritual
                            Creating your own Herbal Amulets & Talismans


* Harvesting! What's in YOUR Wicker basket
* Drying your Herbs, Flowers & other Plant Materials
* Herbs & Flowers of the Full Moon for Offerings & Ritual
* Smudging - What is it & Why - The purpose of Smudging
* Herbs to use for Smudging
* Making your Smudge Sticks
* Making Herbal Braids
* Herbal Fire Starters

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Scrying Wash for Crystals, Mirrors & Windows
                            Herbal Teas - Making the Perfect Brew


* Bringing the Garden Inside - Blurring the Edges
* Creating mini Eco-systems & Micro Climates
* Using the Power of Stones in the Garden
* Building Prayer Cairns
* Creating a Garden Altar
* Herbs of Offering for Goddesses
* Herbs of Offering for Gods
* The Different Moons and their Herbs

Two Recipes/Activities: Making Magical Ink from Herbs
                            Brewing Elderflower Wine


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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