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Green Witches Garden ONLINE Course BOOKING NOW!


with Sonya Lowe
featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum
begins: 19th August 2012  BOOKING NOW

Green Witches Garden & Herb Crafting
Come and join Sonya for 6 weeks of Garden and Herb Crafting magic.

From potted window boxes to country gardens, Sonya will show you how!

Course outline:


* Deciding & establishing a plan for the type of Garden to suit your desires
* From a single pot plant to planning a large Garden
* What do you want from your Garden? Magical, Medicinal & Culinary or all of the Above
* Preparing the Garden, Getting to know your Space and your Tools
* Establishing the Directions..North, South, East & West
* Herbs and their Directional Correspondences
* Introduction to Wildcrafting - Plant material, Rocks & Sticks - Sticky-beaking - Being Eco-Friendly & Aware
* Recycling! Start Collecting
* Keeping a Green Journal
* Herb resources - Dried and Plants

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Annointing Oil for Blessing Tools
                            Garden/Wildcrafting Offerings


* Communicating with your Land - A Meditation Practice
* Soil & Water - Infusing & Using Crystals, Blessed Water, Sun, Moon & Elements
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 1
* Plant Safety - Kids & Pets
* Moon Gardening Basics
* Taking Cuttings & getting them Started
* Seed resources - Where to get them & What to look for!

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Preparations - Making an Infusion
                            Sacred Herbal Water


* Attracting Bees, Bugs & Wildlife to your Sacred Space
* Flowers & their Special Place in the Garden
* The Language of Flowers
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 2
* Flower Communication - A Practice
* Planting Seeds
* Making a Flower Press & Pressing Flowers and Herbs
* Planting into the Earth

Two recipes/Activities: Natural Cleaners for Everyday use & Cleansing & Purifying Indoor Space
                            Eco-friendly Spray and Fertilizer for Outdoors


* Inviting Garden Visitors through Light & Sound
* Tree Communication - With a Practice
* Tree Correspondences
* Magical Herb Correspondences - Basics - Part 3
* Incense Blends - Different Types
* Making Incense Blends & Blending Techniques
* Using your Herbal Incense & Tools

Two Recipes/Activities: Making Herbal Bath Bags for Relaxation, Magic and Ritual
                            Creating your own Herbal Amulets & Talismans


* Harvesting! What's in YOUR Wicker basket
* Drying your Herbs, Flowers & other Plant Materials
* Herbs & Flowers of the Full Moon for Offerings & Ritual
* Smudging - What is it & Why - The purpose of Smudging
* Herbs to use for Smudging
* Making your Smudge Sticks
* Making Herbal Braids
* Herbal Fire Starters

Two Recipes/Activities: Herbal Scrying Wash for Crystals, Mirrors & Windows
                            Herbal Teas - Making the Perfect Brew


* Bringing the Garden Inside - Blurring the Edges
* Creating mini Eco-systems & Micro Climates
* Using the Power of Stones in the Garden
* Building Prayer Cairns
* Creating a Garden Altar
* Herbs of Offering for Goddesses
* Herbs of Offering for Gods
* The Different Moons and their Herbs

Two Recipes/Activities: Making Magical Ink from Herbs
                            Brewing Elderflower Wine


ONLINE course with Lucy Cavendish BOOKING NOW!



with Lucy Cavendish
"An Introduction to Natural Magic and Witchcraft"
                  featuring keys to online classroom, videos, audio, notes, photos & forum with Lucy

                                               BEGINS:16th sEPTEMBER 2012
                                                                        BOOKING NOW 
                                              (limited numbers, we booked out quickly last time!)
                                                         6 week interactive online course: $75 

If you have been searching for a path that is grounded, transformative, powerful and inspirational, you may be seeking the path of Casting_circle_pic-232x359Magic and Witchcraft. In this 
online course from author Lucy Cavendish, you will learn to work with the practical skills of natural magic and the cycles of nature in ways that are positive, empowering, and for the highest good of all.

Since time began, mystics have studied and worked with the power of natural energies. Today, magical practices like witchcraft are being rebirthed for modern lives. Sharing the techniques, respect and lessons inherent in magic and witchcraft helps us all create a better world. Practicing magic and walking the witches way can assist in relationships, aligning you with your purpose, giveing you the tools to manifest satisfaction and fulfilment, understand and connect with the cycles of natural energy and offers a proven and ages old series of skills and ways of experiencing the world that can lead to a meaningful relationship with the divine, and to yourself.

This six-week course contains clear magical lessons inherent to witchcraft each week that share positive holistic practices that have an impact on spiritual growth, and our daily life. This course will teach you how to work with moon cycles, Goddesses and Gods, the elemental realms, and will clarify and strengthen your own personal magical talents and skills. By practising magic and natural witchcraft, you can create and sustain a life full of meaning, purposeful manifestation, self-love, and soul-opportunity.


*Understand the ancient roots of the white magical path

*Optimise your relationship with the elements

*Lunar phases, and their profound impact on clearing and manifestation

*Synch into divine timing with the energy cycles and holy days of our Universe and Planet

* Be supported by inspirational and protective deities

*How to create sacred space both within you, and in the world around you

TO BOOK & for more information

unDisclosed exhibition ~ there WILL be Mermaids!

WELL last weekend saw me in the Capital! Canberra. 
Catching up with my oldest friend and taking the opportunity for a very long day alone in the National Art Gallery where I was totally stirred, shaken and astounded with the magnificent works that make up the 2nd Indigenous Art Triannual.

Along with traditional Australian Indigenous works stands contemporary art that is simply wonderful. 
Most loved by me? The works of Danie MELLOR. I wandered into the gallery featuring his work and YES cliche time, my breah VANISHED. These huge works in Wedgwood blues depicting colonial imagery say everything and move you in one glance. Closer, the execution is mind blowing. DRAWINGS! 














Paradise in the sun 2010
192.5 (h) x 153.5 (w) cm

Before I hopped along to this Exhibition I was greeted with groans by more than a few people "Oh I don;t like Indigenous works", well actually more like whispered confessions. I get it, those of us who lived through the long overdue exposure and then subsequent explosion of traditional indigenous art in the 1980s when it covered everything from tshirts to tea towels, bikinis and floor coverings to actual art you could hang pretty much overdosed. Personally I do enjoy such work but hey I'm an artist and I'm used to exploring and absorbing the whole. I don't think I could be over exposed to much, oh hangon there is ONE area.... shhhh a girl has to have SOME mystery! 
So THIS exhibition, go to it! Leave your expectations at the door and walk into a world of Art that is honest, magical, of the land, it's people, it's history and NOW. The stories you will hear, the pictures you will fall through. My heart ached, soared, was thrilled and I learned more than I could of thought possible. Take time and immerse yourself. 

 Another favourite:
Julie Gough! Oh my!!!!!! A moment of suspended animation... MINE! 
Fugitive history: Killymoon, Spear/oar, Head count 2009
wood, coal, antler, black crow shells, penguin shells, upholstery 

like? ADORE.... 
 Some Tasmanian Aboriginal children living with non-Aboriginal people before 1840

wooden chair and tea tree sticks 
288.0 (h) x 60.0 (w) x 50.0 (d) cm

AND a MERMAID!!!!! by Artist 

Australian Water Spirts that are pretty much :) Mermaids.

Yawkyawk 2008
natural earth pigments on pandanus fibre and feathers 
145.0 (h) x 27.0 (w) x 17.0 (d) cm

Football Quiet! Empty house... Peace... Time to think....time to Work and get things done... Time to relax and chill. Thank you interstate football game :)

Spent the afternoon in the warmth and gentle rocking of a country train.
There's a lot going on and life has gotten crazy the past year or so and to be forced to sit, to listen to others and to talk with people around me who I never would of probably ever met has been an amazing blessings.
The hills roll by, the sun reaches down to touch them and it feels like nothing else matters but to just be.
I meditate most days and still that is something I do and can control,can start and stop at will and circumstance. This is a forced stillness, a slowing down that has washed the grit of everyday and worries away.
It's ok to just be.
A weekend of Art, inspiration, of girl talk of walks and time to think.
There will be laughter and there will be silliness but I go with a full heart now and knowing that everything REALLY does turn out in the end :) xxxxxxxxx
Ps YES this does mean an exhibition is brewing!

new job.. i hope!

Out interviewing today for a casual/part time position. 
It was interesting and FINGERS CROSSED.
Just need one or two days a week at present and I'm SURE something will come long.
Maybe like THIS!.....
The Junk Shop
 OR THIS!....
A crystal
 and a big PS... I just want to THANK my close friends for listening to me this past week. 
As I'm usually the sunshine girl... lol... it was nice to feel ok to cry and ok be the gloomy one!
I'm really blessed by you all and have shown me the true meaning of friendship... xx :) 

Tarot Reading!

I have avoided doing this but THE new deck arrived yesterday and while talking with a friend and shuffling it, the cards coming up where tempting me in... so here goes. 
For some weird reason I DID do the Celtic Cross, something I never use. Why? Have no idea, just did it without thinking.
For my closest friends and those among you who read... YES you have to laugh and shhhhhhhhhhhh I KNOW I say the cards never lie! Bloody cards! 

The Deck" The Steampunk Tarot" by Barbara Moore & Aly Fell... just out!

If you can't see the details:...

Heart of the Matter: 10 pentacles... ta dah!
What Covers: Judgement... *doh!*
Below: Page Swords.... I should of thought as much
Before: Knight Cups... check
Ahead: Page Cups.... aweeeeeeee :)
Crowns: The Tower... ROFL
Worries: The Devil... mmmmm?
Others: Temperance... really? lol 
Your  Hopes/Fears: Ace Pentacles... well that's about the sum of everything!
The Future: King of Swords.... *chuckle*


Oh and I ADORE the manual and interpretations that Barbara Moore has provided in her deck, really really aligned more with her insights. The artwork is phenomenal, it's by Aly Fell. 

Dawn Paintings


Not much sleep as I'm full of plans and ideas at present.
Today I'm overhauling my website and blog as well as
introducing a new design to everything to make it a little
more cohesive.
Have sat up from about 2am sketching, listening to music
and dreaming.
Funny how it goes.
I used to never be sure about things and thought my heart
just didnt know better but now I'm so sure of life and what
I want, it's the trust part that is hard to deal with.
Do you ever really just let go and trust completely? 
LOl... wow now THAT sounds all Ms Bradshaw....
ANYWAY, one thing IS happening today... 
My easel is coming out and a trip to a park somewhere
is definatly the plan for today. xx  


OK so What day is it? Canberra, SciFi books & Talismans

HELLO... :) I am AWFUL with dates, times, years! 
Yesterdays date mix up brought me a mailbag of "are u oks?" :) I should just say I was TESTING you all!

I used to think it was because I was forgetful or I had some weird thing that blocked that part of my brain. Oh I'm not late for things but time is something that just isn't regular to me.
Remembering things is easy but not putting them in chronological sequence. THAT is hard.
I do love the concept of time being circular, not linear, that explains so much!
Once a very good friend exclaimed that she never thought iIwas forgetful as in her opinion I was probably just a time traveller and had slipped up a bit... lol nice image.
Too often we do get caught up in the reasons why and analyse the crap out of situations when in fact, the easiest explanation, or none at all is probably not only better but really makes more sense.
We can't be perfect, know everything, be everything. BUT we can be happy while going about it all.
Though I do get time mixed up... I'm rarely late and I get a lot done. :) 

SALE of TALISMAN ~Peace, Love & Peonie

PeonieIINTENTION: Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.
SIZE: 6.5 x 12cm 
MATERIALS: featuring a silver brooch c1940s, bronze and glass earring c1980s
All Talismans are blessed and consecrated, as always they feature treasures and finds and are 100% unique and one of a kind. They all come with ritual and spell for you to align with




CANBERRA!!!!! brrrrrrrr brrrrrr
I am blessed with two weeks holiday from College at present and though I was looking forward to a 'holiday' I have found I'm using the extra time to sort lots of things out... oh yes life included. 

I'm off on an adventure to Canberra for a few days later this week... Suggestions?! 
My main motivation already is the Art Gallery and I'm doing a bit of research at the National Library... but any Creative WITCHERY suggestions most welcome. 
It's also headspace time as I make a few important decisions and work out directions. 


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog!
Good Show Sir  ~
Can seem a little strange at first BUT let me explain a tiny bit... I grew up with these pulp SciFi books so it's an easy thing to love... The covers of these books often where VERY strange and sometimes had nothing at all to even do with the stories within.  ANYWAY this blog posts book covers that people find and then contributors post the art direction that may of been behind the covers... VERY VERY funny. 
I have to say that I also love seeing the odd book pop up that I recognize :)

Ok so you are getting cold and have snagged your talisman on a cardi or jumper and the jump ring has pulled apart! YIKES! First of all there's NOTHING 'bad' or negative about it. If anything, a release of the unwanted. Freedom of something constraining you. Just as shuffling a deck of Tarot cards and one negative card jumping out does not mean INSTANT doom, rather a message to take notice and be mindful, so it is with little Talisman mishaps. A Talisman coming off it's chain sometimes just means he's been tugged around a bit too much or it's a message to slow down, take a little more care or as I mentioned, it's a release. 
SO to fix! ANd yes! perfectly ok to do so. 
And yes YOU can do it.....

For repair of jump rings..... 

MATERIALS: Jump ring, supa glue & a pair of small pliers.
There are two types as you may of noticed! jump rings and split rings. I use both as I find the larger split rings look like key rings and I don;t like that, but it;s your choice. 

The problem with plain jump rings is that they can come apart easily. I add a dab of our E6000 to the join and find it works wonders! You can also use Super Glue for this purpose. 
This is how you will be attaching your bails to your pendants, usually your wings and any dangling bits

1. Grip the jump ring on each side of the opening using pliers - either two pairs of flat-nosed, or one flat-nosed and one round-nosed pair.

2. To open the jump ring, bring one pair of pliers towards you, opening the jump ring like a door rather than pulling it apart.

3. Slide your component onto the ring, then reverse the action of your pliers to bring the ends neatly back together.

I like to put a little dab of supaglue into the connection for added security.

TIP: When opening jump rings ensure you pull each side away from each other, towards you and away from you. Do not open them by forcing apart like goal bars! This will weaken and distort the jump ring. 

Sunday 12th... nice day :)

"Have you ever been down to your last $20 and then something happened and it all turned out right?"
Conversation with a family member and it really jolted me into realizing I've spent a lot of time living in that 'last $20" mentality. 
It all comes down to just trusting in the Universe and that part is pretty easy, it's the people who populate it that make it hard to let go and REALLY trust.  
What's amazing is being so stretched and instead of breaking, letting go, believing and letting the scary stuff in. Nothing is easy, there's no project, no artwork, no relationship that is, but really there's not complications. Any complications are born of fear and self imposed roadblocks, excuses. 

I reached so many understandings today and celebrating Mothers Day as the Mum of now two adult children is sad on one hand, hey they aren't KIDS! I love kids and all their kid stuff and i miss that terribly, but I did realize I am Mum and always will be, and apparently THE best Mum there is according to the card!
So Happy Mother's Day to everyone... hope you all had a wonderful time.
Loved my prezzies.... 

don't know! I think i prefer it as a lamp.... mmmmmm
and THIS canvas! So very cool.....

opps... lol he's lying down of well!

and now as ALWAYS... a song..... I'm having this whole Mr Benson thing going on this week, but THIS song... yeah very special and nice!... 
here's the lyrics.... xxxxxx

If you're askin' me to say
Livin' life without you, girl, is alright
If you really want to know
I'd have to say it's dangerous to my mind

So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Let me love you all the time
Lady, love me

Yes, I'm askin' you to stay
Remembering it used to be so right
If you're askin' for the truth
I'd have to say I won't believe it's goodnight

So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me all the time
Lady, love me

So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me all the time
Love me, lady, all the time

Let me love you one more time
Hold me closer, now you're mine
Lady, love me one last time
Love me, lady
Oh, love me, lady


So before you turn and walk away
Just let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me one last time
Lady, love me (Love me, lady, all the time)

Let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine
Lady, love me all the time
Lady, love me (Love me, lady, now you're mine)

Let me love you one more time
Feel your heartbeat close to mine