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PROJECT ~ Foliage Pressing

One of my College subjects is Botany and an end of term paper includes a practical assignment !~ creating monographs and samples.
We were directed to the Royal Botanical Gardens here in Sydney where this technique was shared. I'm excited as it's a great way to preserve colour for art applications...


Pressing and preserving foliage is a wonderful addition to your Journals and Books of Shadows.
Here is a really easy recycled homemade flower press to quickly preserve flowers and samples.
Though I agree not as traditional as simply pressing in your books, it does have a wonderful angle!... The colours are beautifully preserved. This is particularly advantageous when using in art applications.
As with EVERYTHING in life... it's just another idea. :)
a cardboard box (to make an A4 sized press at least beer/drink carton sized
a newspaper
white tissue paper
4 elastic bands (large)

If pressing straight into your books, remember that to press something living is to extract the moisture AS WELL AS flatten it. It may mark your books (I actually really love this effect) BUT just be aware. If it does concern you... sandwich between white tissues and tissue paper.

Happiest Creative Blessings!
Cheralyn xx