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Sunrise Altar for 2012 & A Spell

Sunrise Altar
A night of ritual and then a beautiful sleep and a morning Spellcasting, dedications and plans.
This is my 2012 sunrise altar. I've been out sitting (well a run first!)  in the forest and have brought back feathers, there where so many. My heart was lifted by the amount of lizards I saw... oh my little dragons, it's not your turn for a few weeks but thanks for saying hi so early this morning all the same.
I feel strengthened and refreshed and realize what it is I have to do this year.
For you all, a Spell!
This is my favourite one to work with the current moon phase in the Southern Hemisphere and works well with what we all want on the dawn of a new year... "

A Flower Moon  Spell for Improvement
I for one am pretty happy with my plans and direction, I'm not one to sit on my butt, I'm DOING IT and getting it going. I would like things to gain momentum and to "get great!" This spell works beautifully once you are in the same situation. Oh and it's a FLOWER SPELL! *yeah*
Get out there tonight and do this. You will need somewhere where you can leave the flowers to fade for a few days at least. I go out into the bush near here and don't worry about flowers being eaten  or blowing away, that's all part of it.
Gather a bunch of small white flowers, preferably with a scent.
Focus on your intentions. What is it you would like to increase/improve this year in your life?
Write it down to add to your Spell.

Tonight when the Waxing Moon has risen and it is dark, go outside.
I always light a candle for I use this to dissipate energy and send my intentions on their way on finishing.
Protect & Raise energy, call your deities or the universe or spirit and hold your flowers and say three times
I see the moon and the moon sees me,
I bless the moon and may she bless me
repeated three times and then ending with your stated intention (wish)
(as an example and make it really specific)...I ask that I have the time, the inspiration and the resources to bring my planned  exhibition to life and for it to be very successful.
So Mote it Be

Place the flowers in a crescent moon shape on the ground.
once they have faded, dig them into the ground.
Ground. Do as you will, I place my hands on the ground or point my hands to ground and shake them out.  Clear all tools and eat something. I HAVE to have a shower after spellwork to really clear and return.
And then as always I journal as it focuses me on the plans ahead :)

Happy 2012 to YOU! I wish you and your family be happy, healthy and blessed with much love
Happiest Creative Blessings!
Cheralyn ♥