Solstice, Workshop and Competition

One of the Step by Step Projects (there are 6) along with a WEALTH of techniques, spells, rituals, history, videos, photos, correspondences and FUN in my
Creative Witchery  Talismans Online Workshop
STARTS January 16th only $55
make your own talismans for personal use and to  share with others
the emphasis is firmly on reuse, recycling, finding new ways and creating works of beauty with messages of care for our Mother Earth.

For more information and to book:


"The Edge of 2012 ~ Summer Solstice 2011"

Recycled found treasures....plastic haberdashery thingy, pill box lid, wings, spoon, ring, hand painted reclaimed silks, paint and wire
This piece was created and empowered during the past Summer Solstice.

Join my Facebook page and you can win a COMMISSION TALISMAN
includes all materials, a consultation,
spells and rituals, express postage
*drawn once 50 new people join

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Jan 3
Adventure time! I'm visiting a Dragon/Pele place! One of my students has asked "How do I add and preserve natural fragile treasures to my talismans?" Well I'm going to bring back some and will be showing you all EXACTLY how...