Solstice, Workshop and Competition
Back in Blonde!


Adventure time! I'm visiting a Dragon/Pele place!
One of my students has asked "How do I add and preserve natural fragile treasures to my talismans?" Well I'm going to bring back some and will be showing you all EXACTLY how to do it next week in class!
YES I will be filming on location for you all too, arty and witchey things :)
Some for class and some to share with you here on this Blog.
I'll be on the look out for items to include in very special larger Year of the Dragon Talismans and Totem Sculptures too. So get those commissions in.
I know a lot of you mentioned to me that your New Years Intentions where to be more creative and I hope you have jumped right in there with that one... just START. You don't need a big project or huge ideas.
Start Journaling, use coloured pens, collage a few pages with things you like, perhaps an intention page?
I'm making my  Facebook page into a place that isn't JUST about my work but also a place where you can come and share and ask questions.  I do have classes to LEARN things but I am more than happy to assist and point you in the right direction.
Beginning 23rd January is a FREE 6 week Online Workshop "Creating a Creative Witchery Journal or Book of Shadows" I'm so excited about this as people often ask me how I do the things I do in mine. We will making awesome covers, loads of options... trying all sorts of arty effects inside, as well as journaling ideas and prompts and YES!  how to write rituals, spells and MUCH more. Videos, loads of notes, photos, a private Facebook group and full teacher support.
To register go to and follow the prompts
Happiest Creative Blessing,

Cheralyn ♥