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Shrinking Waratahs

Mystery of the Stag & the Cross SOLVED!

Happy Mid Summer... Summer Soltice & MANY Happy Creative Blessings to you all! ♥

2012I FOUND IT!!!!
Earlier this week I had a dream featuring me (the Adventure Hero) searching for a pair of antlers with a cross between them. Now I kept finding them in this very action packed dream but they where not THE ones! I've never seen or noticed this symbol before and posted my sketch on good old Facebook with someone, including me deciding it was some Pagan/Christian Christmas mashup thing. BUT WAIT... I went on searching.... Oh I was awake this time AND I FOUND IT!!!
It's the Jägermeister logo!!!!!

It isn't EXACTLY the Jägermeister logo but finding a resemblance lead me futher along the trail.|
On the way I found it EXACTLY in a 1910 brooch on ebay, (yeah I brought it, old jewellery is like shoes to this gal!!!). 2010?????... that predates the founding of Jägermeister so now the trail was HOT!
The symbol used by the company lead me to finding out about TWO Saints who can be attributed to this. They have similar stories.  I like St Hubertus a little more because although he is also a patron Saint of Hunters he is  the Patron Saint of metalworkers! *yeah*
The artworks connected with this saint and depicting the symbol mostly show the cross with a crucified Jesus.
The Vision of Saint Eustace, by Pisanelllo

Saint Eustace lived in the Second Century. Before he converted to Christianity, Saint Eustace was a Roman General named Placidus and was out hunting one day when he saw the above vision which prompted him to immediately convert.
After this, things went belly up... he lost his money, his wife left him (well no, she was actually kidnapped)and his children where taken by wolves... (I have a very wicked sense of humor so I'm gaffa taping my mouth and smacking my hands, BUt I do want to know, WELL DID HE STILL KILL THAT STAG???? Perhaps it had something to do with it? shhhh) back to the story.... oh and no I can't find out that information, but hey he is the Patron Saint of Hunters so I'll leave it at that.
So you would think that after all this something might of turned around for him... well no!
He did get his family back but only to be captured by the Emperor and then for refusing to make a Pagan sacrifice they where all roasted alive inside an iron Ox.
Did he kill that stag? Sorry I have to know!!!!! looking.....
So the other Saint?
Saint Hubertus 658 ~ 727
WOW this is a study in court politics just reading about his early days. So the edited version:  he was of noble birth, spent his time as a favourite in the courts and married nicely.  They had a son, shortly after his wife died and so he left court and spent his time living in the forests ... hunting.... when one day while chasing a huge stag... it turned around and between it's antlers was a  crucified jesus. Throwing himself on the ground before it... a voice told him to start leading a holy life (he actually had a bit of a converstation which went like this):
"Hubert, unless thou turnest to the Lord, and leadest an holy life, thou shalt quickly go down into hell". Hubert dismounted, prostrated himself and said, "Lord, what wouldst Thou have me do?" He received the answer, "Go and seek Lambert, and he will instruct you."

A sculpture at Chateau d'Amboise ~ France.

Saint Hubertus had a great life... (I don't think he killed the deer, JUST SAYING! I mean here he was laying there listening to THE VOICE after all, bit hard from that position don't you think??).
Anyway after giving away everything and studying hard, he became a very popular Priest and then much loved Bishop.  Oh yes and he is the Patron Saint of those who work with metals (yeah!) and Optometrists, which is rather handy because I don't know about you, but my biggest fear when creating with metal is taking out an eye!
 I'm busy waiting for my Saint HUBERTUS brooch to arrive via Ebay to create a Talisman.. :)
And now I'm very tempted to try Jägermeister while I wait.