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What ARE Talismans & Amulets?

Touchstones, Talismans & Amulets... these are a few of my favourite THINGS!
Way way way back in the gravel lanes and old train yards, to the bushland pockets and bays of my young years I was a collector of found things. The more I didn't know about a thing, the better it was! Perhaps a vital part of an old steam train (oh where there steam trains in Sydney EVER?) Perhaps a piece of wondrous medical equipment from the mental hospital (yeah I was into all those old horror and Sci Fi movies).... that broken earring? A treasure of potentials unimaginable. A cicada wing? mmm was it REALLY a cicada, maybe a faery? Maybe? I lay on my beach on that bay Callanpoint1in Rozelle, rainbow light through crisp wings and stories would paint themselves in my mind.
I made dioramas out of these found treasures. You know, little scenes of places, times, events. But mine where never of anything that had been or was, they where of times in my imagined possibility. Any time, past present or future, time actually meant little if anything. These scenes just where.
One year we where all to make a poster for what was "Environment Week" I think it was called. An early clean up Australia initiative. I submitted a diorama. Two basketballs set in a big box. One a lush forest planet, covered in bejewelled lakes and rivers, flowers holding her in an embrace. The other a black planet of no return , old rubber, half melted plastics and rusty metal teeth, dead. All things I had collected on my gleaning daydreams.


AND so began the lens which I would see all my art through.
It's not ALWAYS created with 100% recycled things,
but for the most part it usually is. Things just come together that way.
Though.....always always, without exception, every single piece I create holds deep real meaning, is created with intention and is the manifestation of what is in my heart. The words, thoughts, wishes and dreams made for now physical.

If you are here, on my blog, well I'm guessing you have noticed that I make sculptures out of 5recycled treasures and I paint and draw and do all sorts of creative things INCLUDING very magical jewellery, which I sell from time to time.
I've been asked so often if I would teach classes and I have BUT my problem has been taking everything from the Magic Workshop to venues and the disappointment in not really being able to take my workshops on the road.
So now here we are on the verge of my first online workshop series and I thought it was very important to start with the most requested "Creative Witchery ~ Found Treasures Talisman Pendants".
From conversations, I know I'm not the only one who has a magpie eye for shinny, interesting, wonderful bits of potential and together with a passion for creation with meaning I'm more than happy to share what I know so others can bring to life something very special for themselves or those they know.

So what is the difference?
All this Talisman,  Amulet,  Power Ranger Ring stuff??

The labels are very blurred I know and there are many who will correct you when you use the 'wrong' term for your piece. Me? Well I think if YOU made it, YOU know what it is, I don't care if you call it a mAgicwockkydodah, if it works for you and it's yours... YEAH!!!!!
The problem comes in all this when people insist that their mAgicwockkydodah is the true only real magical talisman and that's the real name for it, in fact it's the correct name for all magical jewellery.

Before I launch into an explanation of terms, what I'm getting at is that if YOU feel your piece is more of an amulet than talisman, it's all ok.  Just be mindful, gracious and respectful of others. No one likes to be 'preached to' no matter how wonderous your revelations and enlightment on the subject may be.  On the flip side, don't be overpowered either by those less gracious than yourself with their opionion of what your piece IS especially if your piece was made by you,  FOR you!
If selling pieces,  then above all.... be educated and be honest.

Yes!!!!!! intuition is vital and I never would suggest ignoring it, but everything comes from somewhere. There is a firm base for all this and I am very much an observer of tradition as I feel you should be too. Please sit up and listen to your elders, for they really did know a thing or two and history, experiences and the earth have worked together to weave magic for a long time and for good reason.  Ground yourself in the ancient wisdom, learn at least a little before you fly off.
Listen, for in listening we silence the chatter in our heads to settle into the knowing in our hearts.

Since my next workshop teaches you how to create a Tailsman I thought I'd share some of my knowledge on the subject. In the class you could create an amulet and I will be giving very good grounding on doing this as well.

There are many traditions and cultures from which empowered jewellery and items have come and all have slightly different interpretations... from this I'll give you my overview.
I am MORE than happy with friendly comments, illuminations and discussions here on my blog.
These are the very GENERAL meanings of the following ~

TALISMANS: an object made with intention, created for a specific purpose, charged with power by the Youmaker and/or the wearer. Worn or used during the period of enlistment of the talisman's power.
So how does this all come together?:
Let's say you are looking for a job. A Talisman worn or carried while you looked through the job adds and made applications that was empowered with attributes to enlist success would be perfect. The actual talisman could feature colours, Gods, Goddesses,  numbers, symbols, pictures or parts of certain animals/plants , crystals, the list goes on. The talisman itself would be created at a time and place to ensure energetic empowerment and a ceremony of dedication would be completed.
AMULETS: an object created with intention that protects the wearer or beholder magically from a specific thing. Usually worn constantly (OR when the protection is needed).
The way an Goodluck1 Amulet works:
An Amulet already has the power in it by simply it's very being. Personally I've found Amulets are usually more 'symbol' oriented in design. BUT please, this is by no means the rule! A person wears an amulet, usually constant to protect them from something. An example using our above job seeking situation would be a good luck amulet. A pendant featuring a four leaf clover would be such an amulet. You would be warding off bad luck  with the protection of the four leaf clovers' good luck.

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