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Upcycled Talisman Pendant - "The Messenger"

Heartbeat of Earth Pendant

  P1Heartbeat of Earth Pendant

available at ETSY now ~ $45

"earth, grounding, home, fertility, simplicity, a return to love"
9.5 x 4.5cm including bail
Eco Art Pendant of found treasures on a black silken cord, bail accepts most chains and chokers.
pendant fitting c1980s, pentagram/star feature - brooch c1980s, wing earrings, chain links c1990s, bail c1980s, heart locket c1980s (opens to keep affirmations/photos/treasures),

* wings are free moving - locket opens

*created during the full moon in Taurus and blessed under her light

* all of my Eco Art Jewellery is created in my studio with careful, mindful intention then cleansed and blessed, gift boxed (in eco friendly packaging) and sent out as a talisman of love.
No two pieces could ever be the same as I create my pieces from found treasures, entwined with commercial over runs. My specialty is creating new pieces from your found treasures, orphaned earrings and broken keepsakes & gems.

Sometimes I wish I was faster at making things but mmmmm wouldn't be the same. They DO take a long time, not only in the physical creation, but I take great care in their energetic creation. 

Eco Art Talisman Pendant Workshops
I have been asked A LOT this past week re classes and workshops.
Thanks for the emails and messages.  it's nice :)

I had tried to run these workshops  earlier this year but couldn't get the numbers. If you are interested please send me a quick email now and I'll add you to my email list as I am offering them in the new year.  (IF I get the numbers!) :)  They will be ~ Northern Beaches, Sydney.  EMAIL: [email protected]