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Creative Witchery Online Workshop with Me!


I love creating my talisman pendants and they have been almost as popular as my fine art pieces. After a month of enquires from all over the world and Australia, and the problems I've faced with finding a space to hold classes, at times suitable to all and realizing that this just will not fit into even a weekend, I've put together an online Workshop Course.
I have taught art,  craft and tarot for over 20 years now, written how to articles for art, craft and pagan magazines and loved every moment of it but  the time has come to move into the digital age as it where. :)

It's easy! If you can open a web page, you can do this. Each week a whole workshop is presented on a private password protected website with videos, photos and instructions.
You can revisit the class as many times as you like, you can download anything and it;s all available to you for three months.

So workshop series number one:

Found Treasures Talisman Pendant Creation Workshop
Begins 5th December 2011

Everything you ever wanted to know to create your very own talisman pendants.
Along with all the technical know how INCLUDING loads of basic beading and jewelery techniques, we will be exploring deeply the very essence of talisman creation in many faiths.

Your pendants however, will be made aligned with your energy and that which you choose to work with. 
Ritual, tradition, working with the Elements and Spirit.

Loads of time and opportunity for discussion. NO experience in art/craft/jewelery making or spiritual knowledge required... we cover it all!
*work at your own pace ~ starts 5th December but you will have full access for three months
    (all students MUST be registered before 5th December)
*PRIVATE password protected workshop website with photos, videos, worksheets
     & forum available online for 3 months
*lots of tips, tricks and inspiration (no I don't hold anything back, you get all my secrets!)
*an online private forum - discuss techniques,  tailsman study and more with other students
*teacher (that's me!) feedback and assistance for three months
*class gallery
*no soldering, no expensive equipment


Found Treasures Talisman Pendant Creation

(if there are no spaces left paypal won't accept your payment, so don't worry!)
AND if you would rather pay via direct bank deposit,
please email me ASAP and I will send you the details.
MORE INFORMATION?      [email protected]
Facebook Page... search "Creative Witchery Workshops"