Available Talisman Pendants & Commissions!

ohh you last minute commission for Chrissy prezzie people!! This little elf doesn't have a Santas workshop at her disposal and has an online workshop she's busy preparing! Still love you all though... pass the midnight torches!! I have THREE pendants available on etsy RIGHT now and a few more almost completed. There will be no sculptures coming up before the Jolly Red man can collect them and I'm JUST about booked out for sculpture commissions. Agreed to what looks like my final YES to a commissioned sculpture in time for him last night. ♥ xx
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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What ARE Talismans & Amulets?

Nov 21
Touchstones, Talismans & Amulets... these are a few of my favourite THINGS! Way way way back in the gravel lanes and old train yards, to the bushland pockets and bays of my young years I was a collector of found...
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Creative Witchery Workshops HAS A HOME!

Nov 26
Here is your gateway to my next workshop! Very excited about getting this all up and running.... A VERY Warm Welcome.... ♥ All the lead up information, booking information, comments section where you ask questions will live here. CREATIVE WITCHERY...