WHOOOOHOOOOO well I THINK I'm just about caught up.... no no, let's see I think, no I"M SURE this time NEXT week I will be. :)
I Have the next exhibition at Yindela opening this week.... and we have an OPENING NIGHT too. If you are on the Northern Beaches in Sydney or want to come on over... share a glass of wine and a few nibblies while we kick off our next exhibition....
I have a few in this one too.
"Where Land Meets Sea" Pete Christie & Cheralyn Darcey ~  7 - 9pm Yindela, 2 Yindela Street Davidson.
This Monday night! LINK
EVERYONE can do this.... it's art, it's meditation, it's awesome fun.
  In fact it's pretty much the most fun you can have with a pen.
 $30 everything included (yes tim tams too!)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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