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October 2011

Book! The War of Art

War of Art The War of Art:
Break Through the Blocks
and Win Your Inner Creative Battles
Steven Pressfield

I don't actually suffer, thankfully, from artist block. I have WAY too many ideas and weird concepts floating around my brain. My problem is sifting through  it all and settling on ONE idea at a time to develop.
And then there is is STUPID amount of 'research' in the form of photography, sketches and web surfing I end up doing before settling into the real work. Funnily enough all of my research ends up having zero to do with my outcome! I have an incredibly small output of work compared to the amount of time I spend 'doing' art. I am aghast at the never ending stream of some of my peers.
Though I never want to become a production line, I do need to FOCUS!
This book is JUST the kick in the pants I needed. It covers it all though from what is stopping you from realizing your full potential to how to get over that blank page fear. LOVE IT!
For me? How to GET TO WORK!  So enough of me telling you... I'm off to the studio :)
Great for artists, writers, business people in fact actually anyone who needs to get ANYTHING done creative or otherwise.
I am reading mine on Kindle :)

I'm Back!

Well here I am bacEn1k from THE break! It was wonderful seeing my family and catching up with old friends.  NO I'm not from Cairns but everyone I know is Sea-changing up there at present!~
I travelled a little bit, Atherton, Innisvail, Cape Tribulation. Meet lots of locals and did everything from bush walking, to dancing in country pubs to local awesome bands, to meeting indigenous artists... ohhhh LOVE this necklace of Echidna Quills and Cape York Lily Seeds made by the gorgeous Michele of Mila Mila..... a protection piece she told me. ADORE! (more photos soon of my happy travels and YES there will be paintings!!!!)

Other news? Well I've given up the day job. I have been working in retail for the past two years part time to supplement my art income and pay for my Counselling Diploma. That is coming to it's completion and a few months ago I began teaching again.  Yes AND I seemed to have bitten off a little more than I could chew with the volunteer work I do and curating at Yindela Cafe and and and........  BUT life wasn't meant to be boring was it?
Next year I begin full time at Naturecare College where I will be doing a three year Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy. Very excited about this as it's something I have been working towards for a while now.


Right now? There is my next exhibition with Pete Christie "Where Land Meets Sea' ~ Opening night is next Thursday 7 - 9pm at Yindela Cafe (2 Yindela Street, Davidson ~ Sydney's Northern Beaches) EVERYONE more than welcome! Facebook Invite


I am busy developing Workshops at Yindela. At present I am teaching Art - Zentangles (a form of art and meditation) and Tarot. More things to come very soon (including more Art!). You can check out the calendar at