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New Orleans Voodoo Tarot!


This was definitely NOT a week for flowers.... LOVING this gift! PERFECT!
Just opened today and all I can say is WOW... WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!
One of my closest friends in the USA was from New Orleans (this is who taught me Cajun Cooking!) and there where loads of fire pit beers and Voodoo discussions.  It is so misunderstood (thanks Hollywood). This deck is not  based on traditional Haitian or African style of this belief system, it's very blended, ahhhh but that's the charm of New Orleans isn't it?
The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot ~ Louis Martinie & Sallie Ann Glassman
The deck is NOT for the faint hearted, there is little resembling a traditional Rider Waite Coleman Smith Deck here (the most common deck) ,  BUT it is PERFECT for those who enjoy intuitive reading (which I believe is the best in any case).
22 Majors (Roads) and a Wild Card; a minor arcana consisting of 4 suits of the Elements containing  40  Spirits) ; a court  (16Temple cards)
Lots of study in the form of a very big 276 page accompanying book filled with not only deep background on the images but also passages for contemplation AND divination.
The book has chapters on using the cards in Ritual and Divination with some wonderful spreads So to the artwork... it;s wonderful! Exactly what you would expect of such a deck and more. Rich in colour and wonderfully passionate depictions.  The cards themselves are of an excellent quality, a tad smaller that traditional tarot cards (VERY easy to shuffle... I have tiny hands). The backs have fantastic line-art but is no asymmetrical so you would see reversals coming. ( I don't worry about that, but thought I'd mention it!)
The artist Sallie Ann Glassman has a site, very worth getting lost in for an hour or so. ADORE her artwork.
Readings... I found them to be very accurate through intuitive reading (which is my style anyway) and using the Louis Martinie's text. I would insist that you at least read the introduction to using this deck, especially if you are unfamiliar with Voodoo.  Recommended for anyone looking for a deeper additional layer to their intuitive practice.  Beginners, look I'm always saying find what you are drawn to and work with that. :)
So....... I've found you can get it at the Adyar Bookstore in Sydney (in person and on-line) and on-line through Tarotopia.