lino fun :)

M1I have a stack on lino tiles someone gave me to recycle and though I SHOULD be working on new Goddess Sculptures... well this is a young Goddess.... my Punki aged about 4. I LOVED the orginal photo of her and decided to do a little lino magic with it. :) Think I will render my girls (the dogs) next!!
First I'm looking for some awesome colours to paint a few of my Punki Prints with ....

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Tarot Collage Class

Oct 18
My theory on learning ANYTHING is to have fun in the process. I have a lot of beginner students in my regular tarot workshops along with more experienced, some of who are stuck with certain elements or lack confidence at...
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Green Man Nicho

Oct 26
He's available on ETSY .... UPDATE: I DID think he was rather nice... SOLD very quickly sorry. I have another couple to list later today/tomorrow when ready. "Green Man of Fertile Abundance Nicho" Cheralyn Darcey ~ environmental artist 48 x...