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New Orleans Voodoo Tarot!


This was definitely NOT a week for flowers.... LOVING this gift! PERFECT!
Just opened today and all I can say is WOW... WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!
One of my closest friends in the USA was from New Orleans (this is who taught me Cajun Cooking!) and there where loads of fire pit beers and Voodoo discussions.  It is so misunderstood (thanks Hollywood). This deck is not  based on traditional Haitian or African style of this belief system, it's very blended, ahhhh but that's the charm of New Orleans isn't it?
The New Orleans Voodoo Tarot ~ Louis Martinie & Sallie Ann Glassman
The deck is NOT for the faint hearted, there is little resembling a traditional Rider Waite Coleman Smith Deck here (the most common deck) ,  BUT it is PERFECT for those who enjoy intuitive reading (which I believe is the best in any case).
22 Majors (Roads) and a Wild Card; a minor arcana consisting of 4 suits of the Elements containing  40  Spirits) ; a court  (16Temple cards)
Lots of study in the form of a very big 276 page accompanying book filled with not only deep background on the images but also passages for contemplation AND divination.
The book has chapters on using the cards in Ritual and Divination with some wonderful spreads So to the artwork... it;s wonderful! Exactly what you would expect of such a deck and more. Rich in colour and wonderfully passionate depictions.  The cards themselves are of an excellent quality, a tad smaller that traditional tarot cards (VERY easy to shuffle... I have tiny hands). The backs have fantastic line-art but is no asymmetrical so you would see reversals coming. ( I don't worry about that, but thought I'd mention it!)
The artist Sallie Ann Glassman has a site, very worth getting lost in for an hour or so. ADORE her artwork.
Readings... I found them to be very accurate through intuitive reading (which is my style anyway) and using the Louis Martinie's text. I would insist that you at least read the introduction to using this deck, especially if you are unfamiliar with Voodoo.  Recommended for anyone looking for a deeper additional layer to their intuitive practice.  Beginners, look I'm always saying find what you are drawn to and work with that. :)
So....... I've found you can get it at the Adyar Bookstore in Sydney (in person and on-line) and on-line through Tarotopia.

Green Man Nicho

He's available on ETSY   ....
UPDATE:  I DID think he was rather nice... SOLD very quickly sorry.
I have another couple to list later today/tomorrow when ready.
"Green Man of Fertile Abundance Nicho"

Cheralyn Darcey ~ environmental artist
48 x 25 x 6 cm
found beer can (Garigal National Park Forest), ceramic tiles c1960s, pill box lid c1950s, twigs (Garigal National Park Forest), silk leaves, hand painted (by the artist) silk - dress c1980s, earring c1990s, faux leather - a shirt c1960s, paints and ceramics

Though usually depicted lush and full and perhaps a little angry looking,and I do honour that, I've always though of a Green Man that quietly attends Nature. Blissful is his work. Dried twigs reminding of the cycle, a nest of the birth amongst fertile, cared for growth.
*includes a vessel that can hold water, oils, offerings, flowers... NOT suitable for flame.





2011 10 26 016

lino fun :)

M1I have a stack on lino tiles someone gave me to recycle and though I SHOULD be working on new Goddess Sculptures... well this is a young Goddess.... my Punki aged about 4. I LOVED the orginal photo of her and decided to do a little lino magic with it. :) Think I will render my girls (the dogs) next!!
First I'm looking for some awesome colours to paint a few of my Punki Prints with ....

Tarot Collage Class

My theory on learning ANYTHING is to have fun in the process.
I have a lot of beginner students in my regular tarot workshops along with more experienced, some of who are stuck with certain elements or lack confidence at times. YES it is hard to 'remember' everything in tarot. I've found that experiencing it through artistic pursuits enables you to step into the cards!
This Workshop (held last night) enabled the students to create a framable Tarot Canvas. We worked closely with intuitive interpretations along with the many traditional layers attributed to the selected cards before setting off on our artistic journey.
None of my students described themselves are artistic and none had attempted collage before.  We covered basic collage and art theory to get us on the road!
A few examples of students work:
The High Priestess
(I ADORE her to bits!)

The Fool
(seriously, how wonderful! and LOVE love LOVE the 'dog')
student: "I am really drawn to the feeling of early spring"

the student was excited to find a background that encompassed the changeable feel of nature
I LOVE the way she melded the crocodile and woman together!

As I said... I KNOW it's easiest to learn anything when you are in a blissful state of fun and so I have created a new series of workshops "Creating Your Own Magical Deck" which begins 8th November in the Frenchs Forest area of Sydney. Suitable for any level of tarot, metaphysical study or artistic ability (stick figure drawers are my specialty!)
Each week we will journey into a different aspect of tarot and oracle and learn ways to incorporate these into our own deck. On our artistic journey we will find ways to express our knowledge in new styles and mediums.  There will be a Journey Journal (an art one no less!)
For more information or to book [email protected]
COST: $30 per week (includes all materials and notes) 6 spaces left
more workshop information:

Create your own Magical Deck

CREATING Your Own Magical Tarot/Oracle Deck

Yindela Street Cafe, 2 Yindela Steet, Davidson (Frenchs Forest area, Sydney)
cafe closed to public during workshops
STARTS:  Tuesday 8th November 6:30 - 9pm

These workshops are ongoing. The first half Fool1
will feature exploration of tarot/oracle
structure and the second hands on art FUN!
Why create your own deck? I have found that
by exploring the symbolism within decks and
combining your own intuition, a deeper
connection with card study and reading
results. You can use the cards for personal
study, divination and meditation.
Though the emphasis is on collage (so
EVERYONE can get in on the act FAST) I will
be teaching other mediums at a beginner
level. I am happy to provide artistic guidance
during the workshop in any field you may be
working in or have any level of skill in.  
Along with the creation of single cards in
many genres the aim is on creating YOUR
deck in your chosen style that you can work
on each week.

Our study will include traditional tarot,
numerology and symbolism, elements,
correspondences and more.

Each class will feature comprehensive                                                                                        TAROT: THE FOOL
notes, all art materials for medium being
taught during that session, refreshments, Angel1
use of all tools (including laminator), a class
online group and outside of class email
Pay as you go $30 per workshop.
Early Bird Offer: Purchase a Workshop Pass
~ pay for 4, get one FREE.
Valid for 3 months.  Offer ends 24th October.
(no limit to passes purchased)
TO BOOK: email [email protected] or
ph: 0408105864

* though you do not have to attend
EVERY workshop,
I am limiting the initial 'pool' of students
to 15.
6 places left as of 17th October

               more workshop info:                                                                                                                                               ANGEL CARDS: REFLECTION

THE Collage Experiment - Opening Night (THIS week) News

   5 Having more than too much fun with these.
A million years ago I was a 'traditional' painter before I went all collage & sculpture crazy! For a very long time I also worked in pastel. I don't want to really go back but I'm enjoying recreating the feel of those works with my love of collage and recycling.  A little nostalgic trip that comforts yet overlayed with my new experiences and passions.  Everything, YES including the canvases and paint, is recycled.  My pallet was therefore limited but it was a challenge I found very rewarding.  There are layers of papers and textiles. Again, all found treasures.
I am showing a few of these explorations this week at the Opening of "Where Land Meets Sea" at Yindela.  Thursday 7 - 9pm  2 Yindela Street, DavidsonPete Christie is showing his work at this event . All welcome for a glass of wine and mingle.  I am donating a piece of artwork which will be available via silent auction in support of the Manly Community Centers' initiatives.

Where Land Meets Sea... I'm a little literal, I chose the beaches but they are my beaches, the way I see them. What is beneath the people, the boats, the business of beach.
























WORKS IN PROGRESS (some are detail shots of larger works)............







WHOOOOHOOOOO well I THINK I'm just about caught up.... no no, let's see I think, no I"M SURE this time NEXT week I will be. :)
I Have the next exhibition at Yindela opening this week.... and we have an OPENING NIGHT too. If you are on the Northern Beaches in Sydney or want to come on over... share a glass of wine and a few nibblies while we kick off our next exhibition....
I have a few in this one too.
"Where Land Meets Sea" Pete Christie & Cheralyn Darcey ~  7 - 9pm Yindela, 2 Yindela Street Davidson.
This Monday night! LINK
EVERYONE can do this.... it's art, it's meditation, it's awesome fun.
  In fact it's pretty much the most fun you can have with a pen.
 $30 everything included (yes tim tams too!)