Waratah Dreaming - International Eco Conference

W1 I could not get a photo WITHOUT orbs!!!!! Conversation with Mum (also an artist) this morning "I don't know why but I've always painted, drawn, sculpted waratahs without a photo or a reference. I just feel how they are. Don't really understand it as they are not my 'favourite' flower but I just know them" Then this! Orbs EVERYWHERE!!!

"Waratah Dreaming"

130 x 91 x 32cm
assemblage sculpture of discarded objects
aluminum cans, wires, speakers c1980s, tail light c1950s, soda cup c199os, hair product bottle, fallen branches - Garigal Forest, vase, reclaimed textiles, wharf pylon fragment c1940s HMAS Penguin Balmoral Navy Base, environmental friendly paints & mediums. Produced in an Eco aware studio.  
* vase is secured to wood base.

PART of my exhibition at the
International Environment Conference, North Head Sanctuary.  Open to the public
NEXT WEEKEND... loads of events and free activities.  I'll be there all day, LOVE to see you!
Cheralyn Darcey ~ Gallery Shop

I've opened a Gallery Shop! This way I can accept credit card and those who are not able to attend the exhibition can still have a chance to purchase... so here are the details of my new online store.  I will list available items over the next few days. The only proviso is that the pieces must remain on display at the International Environment Conference Exhibition until Sunday 11th September.

W2 W3

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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