International Eco Exhibition SET UP!

Exhibition SET UP... packing bags as I'm moving in for the next four days... am VERY VERY excited to be part of all this... it's not all about ME... there are 13 other Artists that are exhibiting at the International Conference of Eco Ideas.   I'll be there all day every day. It's open to the public THIS Saturday and Sunday, North Head Sanctuary, Manly, Sydney.... LOVE to see you there.  LOADS to do including Art Installations to join in, Wildflower walks,  Music and FUN... great for kids... great for EVERYONE.

My room and exhibition.... "The Ideas of Birds & Flower Graffitti"
your sneeky peek as it opens tommorrow :)

2011 09 07 008

2011 09 07 006

2011 09 07 025

2011 09 07 017

2011 09 07 012

2011 09 07 003

2011 09 07 018


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Magic of the Garland

Sep 4
OK! I've decided to make a FEW Art Pendants available to go with this exhibition. It's all about Birds & Flowers :) They really take a lot of my time and as you all know I can not 'mass produce'...
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Day One Eco Conference

Sep 9
What a wonderful day! After a moving Opening Ceremony with Uncle Max and Cathy where I was BLISSFULLY smudged (ohhhh needed that after all the pressure!), the doors where flung open on the Artists in Residence studios. What a wonderful...