Day Two Eco Conference ~ Artists in Residence

Eco Conference is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC today and tomorrow
10am ~ 4pm The Sancturay  North Head, Manly
call or text 0408105864 if you can't find me.... I'm there somewhere!
Unfortunately I've left my camera in my studio up at North Head llast night so I'll share the rest of pics tomorrow!
It was a cold, wet and windy day but somehow nature prevailed and showed us it's magic... two cheeky very tame magpies hopped right into every ones studios to say hello.
A Plover family complete with THE cutest chicks wandered around us and finally the day cleared to a sky painting of gold spun sunrays set against departing clouds of icy blues and the softest greys.
I went to a couple of talks centered on Art and Science.
My friend Rachel Carroll shared her work and art in a talk... her studio is right next to mine at the Artist in Residence exhibition or as we have nick named it "Artist's Row" :) She paints wonderful works during and inspired by her trips to our bushlands. I love her Murry Rivers works and her BIRDS!  Those who have been to the "Magic Workshop" will recognize her work above my desk of a marvelous rooster.
Spent time being silly with friend and artist Dave Wiggs... LOVE his Manly Ferry paintings, well all his work but this guy REALLY gets the the feeling of one of my great loves in life... a Manly Ferry trip.  Making macchiatos out of instant coffee and admiring his lastest work ..... Dave1
"Surfing before Exhibition" ;) seriously come and check out his paintings today!
Two people have made enquiries about purchasing my Waratahs (the largest work I have every created) and there have been delightful conversations about so many aspects of flowers so I've decided to 'stay' with the exploration of them for a while now.  Although as many of you know I have a great affinity with flowers, a s I've mentioned earlier this year  I was greatly influenced after reading  "The Flower Hunter" Christine and Michael Morton-Evans about the life and work of Australian artist Ellis Rowan  
The story of this amazing woman who adored flowers, who pushed boundaries, travelled the world in pursuit of capturing the essence of her love of art and flowers really captured me. She did all this at a time when these things for women would of seemed as likely as me jumping on a Space Shuttle to sculpt moon daisies! I do say to myself these days... "What would Ellis of done?" ;)
She was a woman who wanted to bring the wonder of the natural world to all... I really admire that. She made the ideas of nature accessible through her works with the way she painted and her newspaper column about her travels.  Now it;s not so much about getting people to just see what's out there, with mass media we can all see it, but we need to 'see' what we are doing to nature.
As Rachel said yesterday.. people respond to art, music and poetry. It opens their hearts so their minds can see.
So I hope that you don;t just 'see' pretty flowers when you view my new works. Some are flowers you will recognize, some are blooms of my imagination. I wish that you find them attractive but that they remind you that there is beauty and worth in everything. It;s up to us to do something about it.

and because so many have asked for it... my girls WILL be making a guest appearance for the weekend....
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LOVE to see you this weekend!
Cheralyn xx


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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