Day Three Eco Conference ~ Artists in Residence

FIRST UP TODAY (Sunday) 10am to 4pm North Head Manly.  It's the last day... get off the couch and get up here!!!! I'm here, all your favourite Environmental Artists are here, the effort they have all put into creating their exhibitions is HUGE. Be inspired! Along with us, there are lots of FREE talks and activities....
an AMAZING display and exhibition by The Wilderness Society centering on the issues with saving the Kimberley. I'll bring you a post about that on my blog soon BUT you REALLY need to come and see this amazing artwork.
Yesterday started off with a gift... some guys bring girls they know flowers... mine bring me skulls! Oh and a walk to more bones.....
Who knows what it is??????
He is going into an artwork.... for my exhibition in January in Avalon. :)
And all day people do ask me, where do you find everything... well like above I'm given things but mostly I find them, because I'm aware, I look and I do something.
Carpark Eco Conference...
a rubber thingy-ma-jig but soon to be fine art material :)
VISITORS... I was very blessed with lots of friends coming to visit... gorgeous Lucy spent most of the day with me and provided as always, much laughter and word memory (I am terrible with place names, peoples names, pronunciation... though I never forget a face, place, feeling or time). I am very inspired by the work Lucy does (she's a writer) along with her friendship.
Gorgeous Karen... my BIGGEST supporter, awesome mate and cheerleader was there with the even more wonderful Pete and my awesome Pete (mmm I should of got him to bring his guitar!) joined us on the blanket of moaning (and laughter) in my studio!
YES I know... blurry picture! I think the photographer was laughing too much! I told you we are having too much fun at the Artist in Residence Studios!!!!!!!!!
We joined the Wilderness Society after learning about the wonderful work they do....
have a good look at their site with all the details... PLEASE.
I have been in discussions with other Eco Artists, Rachel Carroll, David Wiggs, and more from The Art Tree and we are putting together an exhibition next year to support their work and illustrate their messages. Stay tuned!
I was asked to be in another exhibition with Mark Rhodes and am very VERY excited! January 10th is the opening, Avalon ~ Save the Date. :)  Theme and more news soon.
TODAy? GET UP HERE TO NORTH HEAD!~ Last day, last chance.
What's in it for You? Interesting conversation yesterday.... People FLOCK to crystal shops, the 'new age' festivals because they are searching for something for them...
I've never owned a crystal that made me feel as centered, grounded, happy, connected and at peace as creating or looking at or read a piece of artwork  that sings the messages of our wildlife, spirit and earth.   I love retreats, rituals and gatherings but listening to talks or seeing the stands of people from all walks of life who have spent weeks, years and lifetimes exploring our world and doing something about it have opened my soul and made it dance.  I've burnt oils, beautiful incenses and candles and still do... but there is no replacement to a wildflower walk or a quiet wander through the bush while experiencing  the love the earth has for YOU.
Just be there.... connect with people... there are no free show bags of promises at these things... but you will go home with love, inspiration and happiness.  BE a Dreamcatcher!

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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VIDEO! ~ Eco Conference Artist in Residence

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Ok here is a video of my exhibition studio :) I think I have another but I'll leave you with this until tonight.....