Day One Eco Conference

What a wonderful day!
After a moving Opening Ceremony with Uncle Max and Cathy where I was BLISSFULLY smudged (ohhhh needed that after all the pressure!), the doors where flung open on the Artists in Residence studios.  What a wonderful collection! I've exhibited with many of them before so it was a warm day filled with smiles and laughter catching up.
I spent the day meeting people, creating and finally RELAXING in my studio. PS Ohhhh I'd love to permanently STAY on site, what a wonderful place for an artists colony!!! Studios, exhibition spaces, workshops... oh my... just bliss! mmmmmm thinking cap on. :)
North Head is gorgeous....... A flock of gregarious Cockatoos dropped by, followed by swooping Kookaburras. Wonderful.
  D3 Everyone adored my Gasong Drum, the other artists couldn't get their hands off it!!
YES you can buy them from the very cheeky but totally amazing Col... they are $165  and you are saving Gas tanks from landfill while filling your space with the sounds of blissful happiness.
you can call Col on 0487736824 there are other Youtube clips just search Gasong Drum
(pictured David Jenkins and Mark Rhodes)

(pictured artist Midori Furze)
So my room was filled with Gasong happiness in abundance all day.
I met the very wonderful Polly Higgins... WOW what a gorgeous girl and what amazing work she is doing... you MUST check her site out and if you live in Brisbane or Cairns, she is heading your way this week!!
Soooooo all the PUBLIC fun starts Saturday... I know the weather is looking sad BUT we are dry and happy up on North Head, Manly... the studios are cosy, there are lots of Eco INDOOR displays and wonderful people to meet, and the Cockatoos are still here, so don't be a stranger. Grab a brolly and get up here :)  Saturday and Sunday ~ the details


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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Eco Conference is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC today and tomorrow 10am ~ 4pm The Sancturay North Head, Manly call or text 0408105864 if you can't find me.... I'm there somewhere! FRIDAY Unfortunately I've left my camera in my studio up...