My Inspiration....

I've chatted about this in Facebook land so thought I'd stick it here....
Those that know me well enough know I've had an interesting life to say the least. AND they know my love of this song... most loved of all!
My motto has always been "Passion Decides Fate" ... (yes ALL kinds!)
... (hence the tattoo on my upper arm)... I made her face a little more serene.
Though the song embodies this....I learned to  live well once I REALLY 'got' this song.  I can't listen to this without my heart thumping, tears in my eyes and joy filling my soul.  Every word keeps me on the path.... enjoy.....

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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NEXT EXHIBITION!! the conference

Aug 23
NEWS FLASH!!!! I have now been offered a WHOLE ROOM all to myself to use for exhibition. SO that means INSTALLATION... PERFORMANCE ART... the works *sigh* how wonderful :) Sneeky peeks! This is for the International Conference of Environment Centers...
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floWer Graffiti

Aug 25
These are a few of my favourite things.... flowers, graffiti, collage, old unloved books, sketching, art for all.... Now they can be yours. I am presenting a whole gallery room exhibition as one of the Artist in Residence at the...