Mexico comes to town & Gasong!

Had a wonderful wintry walk yesterday in Surry Hills... not as long as I would of liked! (where is that early gift of Spring weather from a couple of weeks ago!)
A friend took me to a store she KNEW I'd love and I do!!

got this....
wanted EVERYTHING!!!! Amazing Homewares, gifts, jewellery, bags.... just wonderful.
Then we where ladies who lunched in the rain... very nice day.
Oh and there was the meeting of our Gasong Drums too.
I am so in love with the work of this brilliant guy....
Gasong Drums are made from LPG gas tanks destined for landfill... the sound is ethereal... you don't need to be able to play a musical instrument at all... total magic.
I will be taking mine to the Environment Conferance to keep me company while I'm Artist in Residence there... it creates such a place of peace, magic, healing.
 more on Gasong Drums, including clips... you HAVE to hear these!!!!! at....

Col makes Singing Bowls out of Car Petrol Tanks and other amazing things.... just brilliant.
As to me.... BACK to the Magic Workshop.... with Gasong Drum today :)

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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