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floWer Graffiti

Fg2 These are a few of my favourite things.... flowers, graffiti, collage, old unloved books, sketching, art for all....
Now they can be yours.
I am presenting a whole gallery room exhibition as one of the Artist in Residence at the  International Conference of Eco Ideas next month. Along with my larger sculptures and works, my Fast Art series "floWer Graffiti"  will debut.  If you would like to purchase one pre exhibition... let me know.  [email protected] (postage additional)
FAST ART ~ floWer GRAFFITI environmental artist  Cheralyn Darcey
Each is 100% unique ~ 100% created from reused materials ~ 100% smile inducing
Fast Art = Fine Art for all!
Here is an example....
"Rapturous Earthly Elements Create Wonder" 25 x 17cm page: Science encyclopedia c1957,  modern magazine page, willow charcoal. mounted on heavy card ready to frame
$50 unframed.... $110 boxed framed

My Inspiration....

I've chatted about this in Facebook land so thought I'd stick it here....
Those that know me well enough know I've had an interesting life to say the least. AND they know my love of this song... most loved of all!
My motto has always been "Passion Decides Fate" ... (yes ALL kinds!)
... (hence the tattoo on my upper arm)... I made her face a little more serene.
Though the song embodies this....I learned to  live well once I REALLY 'got' this song.  I can't listen to this without my heart thumping, tears in my eyes and joy filling my soul.  Every word keeps me on the path.... enjoy.....

NEXT EXHIBITION!! the conference

Flannel2 NEWS FLASH!!!!
I have now been offered a WHOLE ROOM all to myself to use for exhibition. SO that means INSTALLATION... PERFORMANCE ART... the works *sigh* how wonderful :)
 Sneeky peeks!
This is for the International Conference of Environment Centers and Activists in September where I have been invited to be an Artist in Residence. I will be presenting an exhibition that I've worked on over the past 18 months for this event, though it really represents everything that IS my art! :)
Birds, Flowers, Frogs and Feathers..... more news soon....  as always... made from reclaimed discarded treasures....

I know the flowers are what you all want to see from the feedback.. here is a tiny sample.... from the top....
"I was Spoonfed Flowers from Early on" foam fruit netting, teaspoons, c1960s, electric flex c1960s, vase c1970s, reclaimed textiles (silk wedding dress), paint, wood = Balmoral Navy base wharf
"With a Guiding Heart and the Stars to Hold Me" sold .. paper tags, blue heart clip on earring c1980s, bottletop found 40 Baskets Beach, plastic net found Manly Beach, vase c1980s, wire coathanger, tin can.
"The Unknowable Private Evolutionary Plans of Birds" 55x35x26cm ceramic sculpture and assemblage of found objects
"PassionFlower" plasic hangsell shop clips, wire flex c1970s, vase c1970s, drink can, cigar tin c1950s, wood = part of Balmoral Navy base wharf, paint
"Words Are Cheap, Just Give me Flowers" vase c1960s, shot glasses found Manly Beach, scrabble tiles c19990s,  wire, wood = Navy Base Balmoral
"One Finds Sunflowers Make For Happier Days" printer cartridge, drink can, disposable food container lid, vase c1980s, reclaimed painted textiles, wood = Balmoral Navy Base wharf
Daisy Daisy2


Mexico comes to town & Gasong!

Had a wonderful wintry walk yesterday in Surry Hills... not as long as I would of liked! (where is that early gift of Spring weather from a couple of weeks ago!)
A friend took me to a store she KNEW I'd love and I do!!

got this....
wanted EVERYTHING!!!! Amazing Homewares, gifts, jewellery, bags.... just wonderful.
Then we where ladies who lunched in the rain... very nice day.
Oh and there was the meeting of our Gasong Drums too.
I am so in love with the work of this brilliant guy....
Gasong Drums are made from LPG gas tanks destined for landfill... the sound is ethereal... you don't need to be able to play a musical instrument at all... total magic.
I will be taking mine to the Environment Conferance to keep me company while I'm Artist in Residence there... it creates such a place of peace, magic, healing.
 more on Gasong Drums, including clips... you HAVE to hear these!!!!! at....

Col makes Singing Bowls out of Car Petrol Tanks and other amazing things.... just brilliant.
As to me.... BACK to the Magic Workshop.... with Gasong Drum today :)

Waste to Bike & next workshops

1154I'm not really a big fan of motorbikes... I like being comfy in my XR2 with the breeze through my hair... BUT this is awesome..... a bike made out of recycled materials.... as an "Alien" movie fan, it's got me right in!....check out the article at Juxtapoz Magazine!


NEXT ART WORKSHOP.... Zentangle Class... "Borders & Beyond"  Monday 15th August. beginners start at 6:30pm & experienced 7pm booking [email protected]

NEXT TAROT WORKSHOP... "Tarot Bootcamp"
Monday 8th August 7pm