floWer Graffiti

Fg2 These are a few of my favourite things.... flowers, graffiti, collage, old unloved books, sketching, art for all....
Now they can be yours.
I am presenting a whole gallery room exhibition as one of the Artist in Residence at the  International Conference of Eco Ideas next month. Along with my larger sculptures and works, my Fast Art series "floWer Graffiti"  will debut.  If you would like to purchase one pre exhibition... let me know.  cheralyn@hotmail.com (postage additional)
FAST ART ~ floWer GRAFFITI environmental artist  Cheralyn Darcey
Each is 100% unique ~ 100% created from reused materials ~ 100% smile inducing
Fast Art = Fine Art for all!
Here is an example....
"Rapturous Earthly Elements Create Wonder" 25 x 17cm page: Science encyclopedia c1957,  modern magazine page, willow charcoal. mounted on heavy card ready to frame
$50 unframed.... $110 boxed framed

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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