Turning Point

Bundi1 lol nooooo couldn't sleep!!!! A. I LOVE parties, going out all that but B. I'm actually very shy when it comes to my artwork. Like ALL artists I've met!! This work represents a new phase in my art so it really means a great deal to me. You create art, you get ideas, you want to translate those into something, then the fire ignites, and it all comes together. I've been wanting to 'say' something and it's been on the very tip of my tongue. Been excited, happy and pleased with results, but I turned a corner this year and it was like understanding a complex mathematical problem. THIS is it... THIS is what I need to do. Eureka! BOOM!
I've really felt so happy that others have looked at "Sirens Song Rebirth" and without me uttering a word 'got it'.
This is very different... I had a glimpse of it at my Chippendale exhibition early last year but only dallied with it... (attached picture)
Can't sleep? Yes I'm nervous and excited  about tonight but I'm burning with the very fires of possibilities.
I'm always dumbfounded at those who present to me with "I don't know what to paint/create" ... I don't understand it at all... there isn't enough TIME for me to bring to life my ideas and inspirations. LOOK around you, listen, interact. 
What is exciting me is the feeling of falling love... yeap that's what it is. I'm in crazy lusty passion with my new ideas... now to get it settled into a long term relationship.
Good Luck to everyone tonight at the Warringah Art Prize... ahhhh we hate them, we love them, but we are ALL thrilled to be IN. :)
So what's next? Hints with this older piece and my new techiniques and style.
picture... "Bundi Makes me Gropy, The Desirable Unexpected series"
Grope Show, Chippendale, Sydney 2010

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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