Sirens - Warringah Art Prize

Last year I created "The Fairy of Warringah" for the Art Prize. She was created from some of the unusual things, along with the rubbish that I collect when I'm on my walks and hikes around our beautiful bushland. I do this a few times a week and it's why I wear a backpack, even on short wanders. She was a finalist and I was so very proud.
During the past year I have been fortunate to have been invited to do eco workshops at the Australian Museum and I was selected as one of the environmental artists to exhibit and hold workshops at the International Environment Center Conference later this year in Sydney.
My decision to exhibit less and to concentrate on these very important, awareness raising events which represent the very essence of my artwork has perhaps made me a little less visible but I must say enriched me greatly as my artwork aligns more closely with my heart.
I've been very blessed with commissions this year from private individuals and companies and equally impressed that everyone has been happy to honour my direction.
New connections have brought me new inspirations and as our concern for our environment increases, I find the stories and subjects of mythology, traditional indigenous stories and  personal spiritual  beliefs enrich my work.
Last year I connected a little closer with two authors, Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley. They too have been enchanted by the call of the oceans at this time and a book borne of this "Mermaid Magic" was released. Not only a book of mythology but a book filled with environmental study, messages and positive visions for the future. I was blessed to create my very first commission based on my current body of work for Lucy, "Oceans Kiss" and am working on her sister for Serene.  

My Warringah Art Prize 2011 entry,  Sirens, is a culmination of the past twelve months.  I have spent a few days a week on beautiful wanders, power walks, jogs on our Northern Beaches, collecting rubbish, finding treasures and listening to the song of Sirens.

I am much inspired by Norman Lindsay. His sculptures fire my very soul and urge me to continue when at times I feel I am lost. His paintings are the doorways of my daydreams.


Cheralyn Darcey 2011
Warringah Art Prize 2011 entry - Waste to Art section
59 x 48 x 33cm
sculpture and assemblage of found objects from the beaches of Warringah
aluminium cans, plastic drinking straws, foam fishing floats, beer bottle top, esky lids, fishing tackle, fishing line, various nets and meshes, bottles, metal signage, plastic pieces, light bulb, broken glass, plastic bowl, metal light fitting, fabric, wire, bead, broken piece of a wharf
paint, ceramics
Our footprint heavier, transcending to theirs.
We don't think, we discard, we don't see.
It washes away with cares.
Drains, cascades, floats, filters, settles.
Once it's gone, at rest,  what does it matter?
Words, actions, no connection... no match
So awakens the Sirens.... they make what they will of it.... for now playful... for now alive....
the precipice of their tolerance rising from the depths of our disregards

As always, I am a fierce supporter of the amazing work of the Manly Environment Center and am donating 25% of the sale price prior to commissions to them in support of their wonderful initiatives and programs.
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bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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