July/August Workshops

ZENDALAS! .. Art + Meditations           6 spaces left
  Cheralyn1 absolutely no art experience required to create stunning
artworks! based on the  Zentagle art form, the doodle
artwork of the 70s and mandala practice, Zendalas are
a wonderful meditative art  form that takes you away to
a space of peace, relaxation and easy meditation.
Once learnt, you will find yourself returning again to
your Zendalas and the joy and relaxation creating them
gives you.
I know the art tricks that take your mark making and patterns to stunning levels with eye
catching shading and light filled design.    

Zentangle by maria

Introduction Tuesday 26th July 7 - 9pm
we learn about different forms of meditation and practice them.
Then we focus on art as a meditation form using pattern and mark making. You
will be taught lots of zentangle inspired patterns and create mini  masterpiece.

Mandala from Nature (week one a pre requisite)  Monday 1st August 7 - 9pm
We slip back into our meditative art space, practice our zentangle designs and then each create a personal 30 x 30 mandala. Crop Circle images also available!
$30 per workshop includes lots of step by step pattern sheets, mini matts
to create small zendalas.
kit: .025 felt tip pen, a pad of drawing paper 30 x30cm, pencils 6B, 3B, 2H; kneedable
eraser, white gel pen.
*all available from Oxford Art Supplies, Chatswood or your local Eckersley's Art Store. If
you can not obtain your kit, please contact me and I will arrange.
I will be offering a workshop once per month that will contain new patterns, new design ideas
(eg introduction of colour, photos, totems, collage etc) We will have Art Meditation time


There will be an exhibition at Yindela for those interested in displaying their Zendalas in October. I promise you, they WILL be THAT good.  You don't have to sell them! :)
TO BOOK:cheralyn@hotmail.com ph: 0408105864


       no yelling

6:30pm to 9pm
Monday 8th August, 2011
Yindela Street Café,
2 - 6 Yindela Street,
Davidson (Frenchs Forest,
(cafe is closed to public
during workshop)
Suitable for complete
beginners to advanced

You have the cards or an
impressive collection of them,
you have been to a series of
classes, read books, watched
videos but still feel a little lost?
Or perhaps you have never even picked a deck up.
Maybe you are jaded with where you are in tarot and
need a fresh basic outlook?

In this workshop we will go back to the basics  in a fun,
interactive way.
TWO HOURS to get your Tarot Muscles working!
Numerology, Energies, Arcana and Achetypes, Court
Cards made simple.

please bring: favourite tarot deck (essential),
oracle deck (optional), tarot book with meanings
mat/rug, cushion, notebook, pen
Chakra Balancing meditation included
$40 includes loads of study notes and spreads to take
TO BOOK cheralyn@hotmail.com / ph: 0408105864

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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