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July 2011

July/August Workshops

ZENDALAS! .. Art + Meditations           6 spaces left
  Cheralyn1 absolutely no art experience required to create stunning
artworks! based on the  Zentagle art form, the doodle
artwork of the 70s and mandala practice, Zendalas are
a wonderful meditative art  form that takes you away to
a space of peace, relaxation and easy meditation.
Once learnt, you will find yourself returning again to
your Zendalas and the joy and relaxation creating them
gives you.
I know the art tricks that take your mark making and patterns to stunning levels with eye
catching shading and light filled design.    

Zentangle by maria

Introduction Tuesday 26th July 7 - 9pm
we learn about different forms of meditation and practice them.
Then we focus on art as a meditation form using pattern and mark making. You
will be taught lots of zentangle inspired patterns and create mini  masterpiece.

Mandala from Nature (week one a pre requisite)  Monday 1st August 7 - 9pm
We slip back into our meditative art space, practice our zentangle designs and then each create a personal 30 x 30 mandala. Crop Circle images also available!
$30 per workshop includes lots of step by step pattern sheets, mini matts
to create small zendalas.
kit: .025 felt tip pen, a pad of drawing paper 30 x30cm, pencils 6B, 3B, 2H; kneedable
eraser, white gel pen.
*all available from Oxford Art Supplies, Chatswood or your local Eckersley's Art Store. If
you can not obtain your kit, please contact me and I will arrange.
I will be offering a workshop once per month that will contain new patterns, new design ideas
(eg introduction of colour, photos, totems, collage etc) We will have Art Meditation time


There will be an exhibition at Yindela for those interested in displaying their Zendalas in October. I promise you, they WILL be THAT good.  You don't have to sell them! :)
TO BOOK:[email protected] ph: 0408105864


       no yelling

6:30pm to 9pm
Monday 8th August, 2011
Yindela Street Café,
2 - 6 Yindela Street,
Davidson (Frenchs Forest,
(cafe is closed to public
during workshop)
Suitable for complete
beginners to advanced

You have the cards or an
impressive collection of them,
you have been to a series of
classes, read books, watched
videos but still feel a little lost?
Or perhaps you have never even picked a deck up.
Maybe you are jaded with where you are in tarot and
need a fresh basic outlook?

In this workshop we will go back to the basics  in a fun,
interactive way.
TWO HOURS to get your Tarot Muscles working!
Numerology, Energies, Arcana and Achetypes, Court
Cards made simple.

please bring: favourite tarot deck (essential),
oracle deck (optional), tarot book with meanings
mat/rug, cushion, notebook, pen
Chakra Balancing meditation included
$40 includes loads of study notes and spreads to take
TO BOOK [email protected] / ph: 0408105864

Turning Point

Bundi1 lol nooooo couldn't sleep!!!! A. I LOVE parties, going out all that but B. I'm actually very shy when it comes to my artwork. Like ALL artists I've met!! This work represents a new phase in my art so it really means a great deal to me. You create art, you get ideas, you want to translate those into something, then the fire ignites, and it all comes together. I've been wanting to 'say' something and it's been on the very tip of my tongue. Been excited, happy and pleased with results, but I turned a corner this year and it was like understanding a complex mathematical problem. THIS is it... THIS is what I need to do. Eureka! BOOM!
I've really felt so happy that others have looked at "Sirens Song Rebirth" and without me uttering a word 'got it'.
This is very different... I had a glimpse of it at my Chippendale exhibition early last year but only dallied with it... (attached picture)
Can't sleep? Yes I'm nervous and excited  about tonight but I'm burning with the very fires of possibilities.
I'm always dumbfounded at those who present to me with "I don't know what to paint/create" ... I don't understand it at all... there isn't enough TIME for me to bring to life my ideas and inspirations. LOOK around you, listen, interact. 
What is exciting me is the feeling of falling love... yeap that's what it is. I'm in crazy lusty passion with my new ideas... now to get it settled into a long term relationship.
Good Luck to everyone tonight at the Warringah Art Prize... ahhhh we hate them, we love them, but we are ALL thrilled to be IN. :)
So what's next? Hints with this older piece and my new techiniques and style.
picture... "Bundi Makes me Gropy, The Desirable Unexpected series"
Grope Show, Chippendale, Sydney 2010

Sirens - Warringah Art Prize

Last year I created "The Fairy of Warringah" for the Art Prize. She was created from some of the unusual things, along with the rubbish that I collect when I'm on my walks and hikes around our beautiful bushland. I do this a few times a week and it's why I wear a backpack, even on short wanders. She was a finalist and I was so very proud.
During the past year I have been fortunate to have been invited to do eco workshops at the Australian Museum and I was selected as one of the environmental artists to exhibit and hold workshops at the International Environment Center Conference later this year in Sydney.
My decision to exhibit less and to concentrate on these very important, awareness raising events which represent the very essence of my artwork has perhaps made me a little less visible but I must say enriched me greatly as my artwork aligns more closely with my heart.
I've been very blessed with commissions this year from private individuals and companies and equally impressed that everyone has been happy to honour my direction.
New connections have brought me new inspirations and as our concern for our environment increases, I find the stories and subjects of mythology, traditional indigenous stories and  personal spiritual  beliefs enrich my work.
Last year I connected a little closer with two authors, Lucy Cavendish and Serene Conneeley. They too have been enchanted by the call of the oceans at this time and a book borne of this "Mermaid Magic" was released. Not only a book of mythology but a book filled with environmental study, messages and positive visions for the future. I was blessed to create my very first commission based on my current body of work for Lucy, "Oceans Kiss" and am working on her sister for Serene.  

My Warringah Art Prize 2011 entry,  Sirens, is a culmination of the past twelve months.  I have spent a few days a week on beautiful wanders, power walks, jogs on our Northern Beaches, collecting rubbish, finding treasures and listening to the song of Sirens.

I am much inspired by Norman Lindsay. His sculptures fire my very soul and urge me to continue when at times I feel I am lost. His paintings are the doorways of my daydreams.


Cheralyn Darcey 2011
Warringah Art Prize 2011 entry - Waste to Art section
59 x 48 x 33cm
sculpture and assemblage of found objects from the beaches of Warringah
aluminium cans, plastic drinking straws, foam fishing floats, beer bottle top, esky lids, fishing tackle, fishing line, various nets and meshes, bottles, metal signage, plastic pieces, light bulb, broken glass, plastic bowl, metal light fitting, fabric, wire, bead, broken piece of a wharf
paint, ceramics
Our footprint heavier, transcending to theirs.
We don't think, we discard, we don't see.
It washes away with cares.
Drains, cascades, floats, filters, settles.
Once it's gone, at rest,  what does it matter?
Words, actions, no connection... no match
So awakens the Sirens.... they make what they will of it.... for now playful... for now alive....
the precipice of their tolerance rising from the depths of our disregards

As always, I am a fierce supporter of the amazing work of the Manly Environment Center and am donating 25% of the sale price prior to commissions to them in support of their wonderful initiatives and programs.
S5  S8 S7 S9 S10


Workshops & Angels & Kids!

For many years I taught various workshops... I was adding up those years today and the number was about 22. So I guess it was no surprise I needed a break.  Everything from painting, collaging, printmaking, pastels, scrapbooking, crystal healing, art journaling, tarot,  children's art, environmental art  and the list goes on!
I did burn out. I loved teaching so much but I had young children, no nearby family, a husband in the Navy.  I was flying all over the country teaching workshops at National Craft shows as well as my own classes, those at community colleges and shops.  Oh that's right and writing magazine articles too!  Fun, exciting, but very very busy.
As many know, I've never stopped completely, but I don't count mentoring, that to me is just what an artist does.
So Monday was the return of teaching.  It was a tarot class and was born out of my Tarot Guild presentations.  A wonderful night and I adored the interactions, laughter and space you all help create and I hope everyone came away with something new.  Those who where at the class, keep practising and remember you can do it! Don't rewrite the books, write your OWN!!!! ;)
I am working furiously on getting a series up and running. First one is already booked out, sorry. Be patient more are coming. WOW! I AMAZED at the amount of old art students I've bumped into in the past week!  "You put the energy out there"... as my Mum says.
Bit limited by the need to keep things clean at my workshop space at Yindela but we all know LIMITATIONS only makes one more creative!
Thank you for all the suggestions and YES YES YES we are doing Meditation Tangles, Mandalas, Collage amongst my bag of treasures. The very next one will be a Meditation Mandala class... details tonight!
Great to catch up with Tracey and her gorgeous daughter (another nudge!) and YES I will be doing Children's Art Workshops too. I get to learn the most then :)
Now these came up a bit.  Monday night during my Tarot workshop, I was asked about Angel cards. My best friend Karen will tell you (and most esoteric shop owners) they have a funny habit of jumping out of my hands. I find it VERY funny and we all have a good laugh about it. :)
BUT, I'm often very scared to admit it to people as I know how popular they are and I don't want to offend. I take it as a clear message "We are not for you" But no malice on either side.

Stacey De Marco was talking about Angels on social media this week and I was happy to see someone put the subject on the table (Love that girl's bravery!) and just as happy to see so many with similar attitudes.
So no I don't work with them. If you look back over my posts, I think I wrote one two years ago about them. I am asked a few times a week if I can create them on commission and the answer is always I'm sorry, no.  I do not create them for exhibitions or commissions, only for charity events that I feel right about. For example I've supported Tour de Cure the past two years with Angels I've created JUST for them. The team has strong beliefs in Angels and I'm MORE than happy (as the angels seem to be) in creating them.
picture: 'The Angel of the Tough Track'


Looking for KIDS! I'm just about to announce a group exhibition for Primary School aged children. So if you know an arty kid (aren't they ALL?!) watch this space. OH or THIS one:  YINDELA
"Local Birds" exhibition in support of the Manly Environment Center opens NEXT Thursday night
We have the very inspiring Robynne Millard opening it for us. I have the exhibition in my studio at present... :) .... you will ALL love it. The interpretations are wondrous. I just love the sneeky ways my three sculpture artists have worked around my 'sorry it has to go on the wall' edict!

On a personal note:
Count down on... am so excited, have the enrollment forms for Nature Care College. Next year I am beginning the final stages of a major long term goal. I have been studying counselling for the past three years and now I begin full time on campus study in Naturopathy.  I have taken the long way round but what a scenic route it's been.  Having left school so early I missed out on a lot but I actually feel the universe knew what it was doing all along.

Creative Blessings this week!
Cheralyn xx

July/August Workshops

Next week: Intuitive Tarot 4th July is almost booked out... 1 space left
Astrology Necklace and Sun Pendant 25th July BOOKED OUT

Next Month dates TBA
Arty Crafty: "Tarot Art Dolls"  gorgeous collaged Tarot Totem dolls I guarantee ANYONE can make with fantastic results. Choose you Tarot card (eg Birth Year, Year Card or any you are drawn to or need to work with)  and make artwork filled with your intentions. $70 everything included skill level: beginner to advanced 
Tarot: "Reading Tarot for Others"  as a trained counsellor and tarot reader I'll teach you what I've learned in over 30 years of my experience with the tarot and reading for others. We will explore different styles, additional modalities & ethics. $40 skill level: beginner to advanced
Cherizen1 coming soon.... ZENTANGLES! 4 week course starts August dates TBA Meditation & Art!
Does it get ANY better than that?!!

 *in keeping with my commitment of support as an environmental artist... I donate 25% of all fees directly to the Manly Environment Centre to assist in environmental initiatives and programs
TO BOOK: [email protected] 10 spaces in each class only
Workshops held at Davidson, Sydney. (lower Northern Beaches/suburbs area)