Workshops & Angels & Kids!

For many years I taught various workshops... I was adding up those years today and the number was about 22. So I guess it was no surprise I needed a break.  Everything from painting, collaging, printmaking, pastels, scrapbooking, crystal healing, art journaling, tarot,  children's art, environmental art  and the list goes on!
I did burn out. I loved teaching so much but I had young children, no nearby family, a husband in the Navy.  I was flying all over the country teaching workshops at National Craft shows as well as my own classes, those at community colleges and shops.  Oh that's right and writing magazine articles too!  Fun, exciting, but very very busy.
As many know, I've never stopped completely, but I don't count mentoring, that to me is just what an artist does.
So Monday was the return of teaching.  It was a tarot class and was born out of my Tarot Guild presentations.  A wonderful night and I adored the interactions, laughter and space you all help create and I hope everyone came away with something new.  Those who where at the class, keep practising and remember you can do it! Don't rewrite the books, write your OWN!!!! ;)
I am working furiously on getting a series up and running. First one is already booked out, sorry. Be patient more are coming. WOW! I AMAZED at the amount of old art students I've bumped into in the past week!  "You put the energy out there"... as my Mum says.
Bit limited by the need to keep things clean at my workshop space at Yindela but we all know LIMITATIONS only makes one more creative!
Thank you for all the suggestions and YES YES YES we are doing Meditation Tangles, Mandalas, Collage amongst my bag of treasures. The very next one will be a Meditation Mandala class... details tonight!
Great to catch up with Tracey and her gorgeous daughter (another nudge!) and YES I will be doing Children's Art Workshops too. I get to learn the most then :)
Now these came up a bit.  Monday night during my Tarot workshop, I was asked about Angel cards. My best friend Karen will tell you (and most esoteric shop owners) they have a funny habit of jumping out of my hands. I find it VERY funny and we all have a good laugh about it. :)
BUT, I'm often very scared to admit it to people as I know how popular they are and I don't want to offend. I take it as a clear message "We are not for you" But no malice on either side.

Stacey De Marco was talking about Angels on social media this week and I was happy to see someone put the subject on the table (Love that girl's bravery!) and just as happy to see so many with similar attitudes.
So no I don't work with them. If you look back over my posts, I think I wrote one two years ago about them. I am asked a few times a week if I can create them on commission and the answer is always I'm sorry, no.  I do not create them for exhibitions or commissions, only for charity events that I feel right about. For example I've supported Tour de Cure the past two years with Angels I've created JUST for them. The team has strong beliefs in Angels and I'm MORE than happy (as the angels seem to be) in creating them.
picture: 'The Angel of the Tough Track'


Looking for KIDS! I'm just about to announce a group exhibition for Primary School aged children. So if you know an arty kid (aren't they ALL?!) watch this space. OH or THIS one:  YINDELA
"Local Birds" exhibition in support of the Manly Environment Center opens NEXT Thursday night
We have the very inspiring Robynne Millard opening it for us. I have the exhibition in my studio at present... :) .... you will ALL love it. The interpretations are wondrous. I just love the sneeky ways my three sculpture artists have worked around my 'sorry it has to go on the wall' edict!

On a personal note:
Count down on... am so excited, have the enrollment forms for Nature Care College. Next year I am beginning the final stages of a major long term goal. I have been studying counselling for the past three years and now I begin full time on campus study in Naturopathy.  I have taken the long way round but what a scenic route it's been.  Having left school so early I missed out on a lot but I actually feel the universe knew what it was doing all along.

Creative Blessings this week!
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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