Interviews, Clothes and Arty Things!
Astrology Jewellery Workshop!


 I'm READY! :D
A bazillion years ago I taught art and craft. Loved it! Life and study and my own artwork in particular took over and I didn't have the time or energy to keep doing it. But I've always missed it.
The time has come she said!... and this is why....
I have adored exhibiting my work but I get sad when people say they can't do it or they wish they could. I read tarot and I get frustrated when people say, they can't or it's too complicated or they know the basics but now where do they go?
I make jewellery and people say "I'm not THAt clever"
Yes you are, yes you can and you will have a lot of fun doing it, with others who want to learn too.
I've found a gorgeous little Cafe in the quiet Frenchs Forest area which I've turned into a Magick Workshop when it's closed it's doors at night.  Loads of parking & lots of peace for meditations too.
I have lots of plans for the future... so stay tuned.
A Tarot Journaling group is on the cards (sorry!).... as it's something I'm very passionate about and I am talking Art Journaling here... no art or writing experience needed,  just a love of tarot.

So first two workshops are up
Intuitive Tarot  Monday 4th July
Astrology Chart Necklace
25th July
There will be Fun!
10% of  my workshop income is donated to the Manly Environment Centre for local environment projects including the protection of the Little Penguins.