Bear with mE!
ISIS Sculpture Auction ends 11am TODAY

New works from the SEA!

TODAY: finishing off my Warringah Art Prize entry... it's been a year of work on this one... HINT? I was a finalist last year and it's a follow on with that concept. 
You may think you know but there is a surprise :)
I am also busy putting together my workshop for the Environmental Conference here in Sydney. LOADS of fun there... more details very soon and I'm happy to say the pieces for my section of the exhibition are really coming along well. Look out next week for a brand new series. I'm getting so excited about this... I know I've been quiet exhibition wise this year and as I said in December, I really needed to say lots of nos in order to give this my full attention. This after all is what my art work is all about. I have always believed the true beauty of art is to speak the passions of people. Mine is looking after our environment and what is already here. But you already know that ;)

Soooo.....Want to give a huge prompt to everyone to start looking at places like Reverse Garbage here in Sydney and other ways to recycle when you are doing things. I often see people suggesting ebay, etsy ect, which I admit I do turn to for elusive little pieces... but I know a lot of you who read my blog make craft items along with art and  ask you to think recycle or reuse first and to do it LOCALLY. These types of places are wonderful. Sometimes you have to think a little outside the box and you may have to adjust your ideas but you won't only be saving money, you will be saving our environment too. 
Reverse Garbage
If you are a Facebooker... their page is awesome as they actually list interesting new things.
The main webpage is great too and has links to Facebook ect.
If you are not in Sydney, do a search for similar place, your local council is a great start!
More ideas soon :)
Oh you want a sneeky peek at New Work? lol Come back tomorrow! ;)