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Lino print FUN!!!!

Studioflowers2 I am sure I've spoken about my other great arty love... Linocutting!! It's been a very long time but I'm really enjoying getting back into it. A few months aho I set myself back up and have been BUSY BUSY....These photos show my first stages with a favourite of everyone.... Flannel Flowers.... I'll be posting  a couple of completed artworks online this week.
I have a room at the International Environmental Conference to fill with my work later this year and I decided that the perfect compliment to my sculptures would be lino prints.

Although I do paint and draw and there are times for these, it;s the raw earthy play of lines that I feel works with my sculptures the best at present.
Along with my prints, I have been developing a little Field Guide of  Australian WildFlowers. I am forever immersing myself in my subjects to create art pieces that are the true essence as they are and as I then relate personally to them and then communicate.
This time I decided to actually put my research to paper... nice paper! Books I've been reading along the way included those that describe the lives of the great and not so greatly known female flower painters. Not only those who painted for the joy and artistic development of the subject but those who had a real passion for describing their environment and wanting to leave a documented legacy of their findings.  Ellis Rowan as my close friends know is my hero.
My research is including snippets of cultivation facts along with deeper meanings, indigenous, medicinal and personnel. I am so loving this journey. To go beyond the surface of something I'm drawn to is usual, to then organize and commit to a greater project has been sublime. I'm going to make little handmade books once I'm done that will be available at the exhibition. (another old time pursuit!)
Oh and the art period!! Art Nouveau! so excited about this.  I get to use my calligraphy pens all over again too :)
< this is play stage!
As I have a real passion for putting art into the hands of everyone, my prints will be available in a few formats (plain print, hand coloured, framed and unframed) I will be making these available in two of the flowers in the next week. STAY TUNED! Don't ask... ANSWER: YES Flannel Flowers will be one  :)

And YES there will be workshops later this year.
As soon as I'm finished this series... I'm up to 17 Australian Wildflowers already! I'm heading overseas... not physically :) ... Flower Hunting style to take up another series.
My little arty message today is DO WHAT YOU LOVE. I've never once strained over WHAT to make or been stuck for inspiration.
Your art isn't just what your hands create, it's what your heart feels.