Interviews, Clothes and Arty Things!

Just did an interview and I was introduced as 'environmental and SPIRITUAL artist' mmmm not really into labels and was about to correct when I though *well I guess I am* :) GREAT fun... hard with croaky voice though! Thought I sounded sexy at the time but listening back I sounded like a little old lady! VERY funny :o
Fingers crossed I can pull it together for my Tarot Guild presentation tonight.
Have been busy with my flower lino prints for the Environmental Conference in September and should have the very first available soon.  My little Australian Wildflower Oracle Fieldguide is coming along very well with this enforced bedrest!! Want so much to share my first Flower Sculptures but you have to be patient. :)  In the meantime there are still Mermaids to finish and birds (this is an old fav bird..need new ones for this exhibition!) to get done!~
Clothes! There's always clothes!!....
Il_570xN.242065724 I have a few friends who have purchased this amazingly talented artist's clothes... coats of all sizes and designs and glorious colours, gypsy dresses and scarves... GORGEOUS!
I'm saving up and looking out for something special myself :)
If you are on FACEBOOK... go to her page
Wunjo Crow and hit "LIKE" she runs wonderful promotions where you can win items from time to time.
She also runs an Etsy shop
Kye Crow Sacred Clothing

Profits of her hand made creations assist in the running of her Animal Sanctuary

Don't forget for my artist friends... the Warringah Art Prize is closing soon... they are still taking submissions

ANd I'm taking submissions for Yindela Street Cafe exhibitions and for the upcoming group show "Local Birds" Art Space@Yindela

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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